October 1st, 2005

james t. kirk - heartbroken

see you, space cowboy

I saw Serenity last night.

Over the past few months, at the insistence of this guy, I've been watching the series over at 508, and I grew to like it a lot. I was excited for the movie, but expectations weren't too high. I sort of figured that I'd love the movie as it was happening, and then would be picking it apart over the next few days.

It exceeded my expectations. It was fantastic. Boviously, movies made from teevee shows always run the risking of "feeling like a long episode," but I don't think this did at all. I also think that people who didn't watch Firefly will have no problem enjoying this movie. They can't have the same affection for the characters going in, of course, and because it's an ensemble cast, there wasn't a lot of time in the movie to give you a real background, a real feel for each character, but I think they did a good job of it nonetheless (though admittedly, it's hard to tell from here.) But man, the movie is so much better than the trailers, TRUST me on this one. A large part of the attraction (I guess this is a Joss Whedon thing, I didn't watch his vampire bullshit, though) is the clever banter. You KNOW how I feel about clever banter (I loves it). But the trailers make it seem like these are one-liners, like a comic-book movie. But they're not, they're throwaway lines, the dialogue just keeps going and then it's FUNNY more than cheesy. Well, I think so. So if the trailers turned you off, see it anyway.

This entry sucks because I'm still shaken from it. I'm considering seeing it AGAIN and HOLY COW do I not see movies twice in the theater anymore. The last movie I did that for was . . . ah . . . hmm. Maybe Saving Private Ryan? Don't make fun of me though, the only reason I saw that again was because I was in England and everyone was going to see a movie and I wanted to get out so I went with. But yeah, I only see three or four movies a year, and I might see this one twice. Even though I hated it. Even though it made me SO MAD. I don't want to say more. But man, it was good. The action was good and the ship looked great and the cast looked hot and it was funny and shocking and sad and wonderful and I was crying for like the last 25 minutes straight, I think. The plot made sense, and the characters made sense, and there were only one or two parts where I was incredulous (why didn't the Reavers blink when they passed on through and kept going? You know?) You should go see it, even if you haven't seen the series. Though you should see that too. This is a great sci-fi movie, this is a great action movie. Some might say that Batman Begins was better (it was quite different, of course) but besides that I can't think of a better scifi/action movie that's come out recently. Cowboys in space! I mean come on.

OH MAN KAYLEE'S LINE ABOUT HER NETHER REGIONS was about the funniest thing ever. Back me up here, ladies.