October 5th, 2005

wash pilotin'

Life is exciting! Today is crazy!

Everything is so busy!

This project that I've been working on for 1.5 weeks (actually like ten million years; whenever I'm stressed about getting a project in, it's probably this one) needs to be finished today, my realtor is coming to the office in an hour to have me sign a contract on a condo that I apparently am purchasing in Clementon, and I'm leaving for Paris in less than nine hours.

I don't know when I will have time to eat!

But man, exciting, right? My life is exciting. Also I haven't mentioned yet that I have a boyfriend about whom I am more excited each and every day (and I started out pretty excited, ask anybody). My life is exciting.

P.S. Donna Flood has come and gone! I have signed contracts numerous times! Paris in seven hours! Three hours to finish the drainage report! Man, what a day.

P.P.S. I can't find my GBA! Isn't that sad? I can't read in cars, so the GBA would have been great for the trip. I even know where the charger is! I NEVER know where the charger is! I am so sad. I guess I'll find when I MOVE.
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