December 28th, 2005

mr. robin

Another totally awesome Netflix review

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
3.0 Stars

Geoffrey Pineapple from HI

I've seen both the "unrated" and "PG-13" versions of this movie and
both are funny, with the "unrated" version having a few more laughs (I
like the kid smoking the opium pipe) and Owen getting it on with the
Eastern Bloc communist country's hottie top player, Missy Pyle. BUT:
This movie perpetuated stereotypes against Asians, with the "Opium
addicted Chinamen" having "invented" dodgeball in the 15th Century. Ha,
ha, not funny. As I've checked on the net, the really racist
Australians invented dodgeball. And they hate Jews, too! Shame on the
Jews who made this movie and decided to pick on Asians, because they
knew that NO WAY would blacks be saddled with a phony "dodgeball was
invented by ni----s when they were slaves." Marlon Brando should NEVER
have apologized when he said the Jews run Hollywood--it's TRUE! And I'm
no racist because I am 1/4 Jewish! It's time for Hollywood to stop
picking on minorities for cheap laughs! That said, the rest of the
movie was hilarious, highly recommened in either PG-13 or unrated