December 30th, 2005

mr. robin

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I was just reading a Gilmore Girls recap and Dean was eating salad and MAN it made me want to eat a salad too, but I have a donut on my car and am afraid to drive it even though the Wawa is just down the street. I got a flat tire last night! That is sort of a pain but it wasn't too bad. I mean it was raining but it wasn't RAINING and I was able to pull off to a safe place, and Kevin and Vince came out in the rain to help me, and by the time they got there I already had three of the four lugnuts off. So that was enough progress to assure me that I could do the whole thing by myself if I had to do so, but it was of course great to have my friends out there and it went more quickly with help and then I went home and cleaned the house a bit. I had people over! To the condo! For the first time! We had pizza (Kevin and Vince's treat, whatta coupla guys!) and sat around and smoked and drank beer from a cooler (I still don't have a full-sized refrigerator; next weekend, I swear) and it was awesome. Then everyone went home and I watched the last episode of the first season of Gilmore Girls and it was kind of odd. Here are two reasons: first of all, Lorelai had a cell phone. I'm pretty sure it was the first time she had a cell phone. Gilmore cell phones are a very important part of current episodes, but they didn't have them in the first season, so I was sort of keeping an eye out. They have the potential to change plotlines like whoa. Second of all, Dean was so cute my television almost exploded. I mean, he's okay now in that stupid Supernatural series, abd in the beginning of the series he was cute for a kid (wayyyy too young looking) but in this episode all of a sudden he was older-looking and pointy-faced and that haircut that I seem to like, and holy cow. I guess not being told "I love you" back really matures a kid.

This weekend is the New Year's Eve party and though theoretically I'm excited, I have nothing to wear and I have to get my tire fixed and Jeff is leaving on January 3rd and that's really hard to think about so mostly I try not to do so.