June 27th, 2006

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I heard the following piece on 1060 this morning (emphasis mine):
Spencer Gifts has pulled water pipes from all of its stores nationwideafter being threatened with criminal prosecution when they appeared onshelves at its store in the Oxford Valley Mall.

Chief Bucks County Deputy District Attorney Daniel Keane says after undercover Middletown Township Police got tips on how to smoke marijuana from the water pipes, criminal charges were filed against Egg Harbor Township,New Jersey-based Spencer Gifts:

”We wanted to make sure Spencer's stopped selling these water bongs, or hookahs.”

Keanesays the tall water pipes were being marketed with other items,including posters and t-shirts that promoted marijuana use, so they gotsearch warrants and seized the merchandise:

”We were prepared to prosecute the case, if need be.”

That facilitated conversations with Spencer's lawyers, and criminal charges were dropped:

”We have an agreement now that they will no longer sell these items in their stores nationwide.”

Keane says they wanted to send a message to stores that it's more trouble to be involved in selling hookahs than it's worth.

Oh my god that is the funniest thing ever, seriously.

Also, I'm so embarrassed that Spencer's is based in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Ew.