November 9th, 2006

mr. robin

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I had an omelette for lunch yesterday at a diner in Glassboro, because I read something about eggs on the internet this morning and it made me crave an omelette. I thought the place would be crawling with College Kids (Rowan University is located in Glassboro), but it wasn't. It was all wrinkly regulars. And it was a really greasy-spoon kind of diner, you know? Not a big "new" one like Starview or Magnolia, but one of those real, tiny diners with grumpy old ladies as waitresses, and tiny booths in the front with coat racks on each corner. Like the Bendix. Only that place has a blind guy waiter, not old ladies.

I asked for a cheddar cheese omelet but the lady said "Honey, I don't have cheddar." So I got American. It was exactly what I wanted.

When I got back into the car to head to Staples, Bush was on the radio, doing a press conference. I missed the beginning, so I assumed it was just a post-election day press conference. And for the first time in -- I guess for the first time ever, I listened to that man talk and didn't need to yell back at the radio. I didn't scream, and I didn't become enraged, I just sat there grinning like an idiot. I love it. I love it! I am still very skeptical -- politicians are politicians, after all, and has anyone actually mentioned how they plan to get out of Iraq, yet, by the way? -- but man, it is still a nice thing to not be nauseous the day after Election Day. Hopeful, even! Schadenfreude-y. [Note: I couldn't remember how to spell "schadenfreude," and my best guess wasn't even pulling up the "did you mean . . . ?" in Google, so I googled "german sucks to be you" and it came up! Awesome.]