December 22nd, 2006

mr. robin

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My boss hasn't spoken to me all week! Also today I found out that Henry has "crystals" in his pee which necessitates an x-ray ($), which will then determine whether I can fix it with special food ($, and a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ARSE because I have two cats and the little one likes to eat the big one's food) or surgery ($$$). I'm taking them home to mom and dad's for Christmas, so that I can feed Hank medicine, which is also going to be difficult, keeping a cat with bladder issues in a car for 2-3 hours. I still haven't finished my resume.

But man, none of that is even important! IT IS CHRISTMASTIME. Tonight Chris and I exchange gifts, tomorrow is the ginormous Festivus party, and then it's for-real Christmastime! With a tree and my family and nog and brandy alexanders and presents and pork loin and the Eagles! I love this time of year and I love my family and my friends and Santa Claus. I even love my cats, I just want them to be happy and healthy. I love everything! Life is good! Merry Christmas!
mr. robin

No one is going to read this because everyone is HOME

Stay with me here:

A few weeks ago bakerloo turned me on to What Would Tyler Durden Do? a snarky celeb gossip site written by a dude who used to work for The Superficial (a similarly snarky gossip site that is still okay, but not as awesome as it used to be). Well, a sister site of WWTDD is With Leather, which is a snarky sports site named after this event.

ANYWAY, With Leather cracks me up, and today they posted this video that combines Journey and the post-touchdown stylings of T.O. and Ocho Cinco, and it is pretty great (the line about the Sharpie gets me).

P.S. I danced to the "Faithfully" for my Senior Dance when I took dance back when I was 18. Modern dance. I kid you not.