April 4th, 2008

spock communicating

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The sound effect that my phone uses to tell me that I've received a text message is the sound that Kirk's communicator makes when he flips it open. There are birds who hang out near my office that make the same sound! They keep getting my hopes up.
spock and zarabeth

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This morning I didn't get out of bed forever because I had a dream that I was in a movie with George Clooney!!!! Oh man oh man oh man. Dreams seem so real! I was so excited! Also we went on a date in the movie, but I didn't have a terribly big part. Just that one scene with the date. But George was very nice and friendly! I remember trying, later, to parlay our professional relationship into a friendship, by leaving a message on his voice mail or something. But I didn't try to kick it to him! Because I have a boyfriend! Arrrgh. Chris and I need Lists, I think. I mean it's George Clooney! Dream Me should not be afraid to kick it to Dream George Clooney, Dream Boyfriend would understand!