Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

These last two weeks have been so busy and hectic and I'm totally freaking out about it. I honestly haven't had a free evening since like up last Thursday or something I guess (not this past one, the one before) no wait that's not true two Tuesdays ago, and I won't have another one until this coming Thursday. My house is a wreck and I'm having an overnight visitor tomorrow but today I'm supposed to be going up to New York to meet ranai who's up from Florida only she hasn't given me her cell phone number so there's a chance it'll be a huge bust, and I really wish she would call me and tell me what's going on. And I have finally in the past two nights gotten enough sleep because I'm used to catching a nap or two at some point during the week but I haven't been able to do that recently.

But I DID get my tree down finally, and all other Christmas things, so that's something. There are, however, still two pounds of needles on the floor and the boxes are all over the place and the dishes need doing and the bathroom needs cleaning and I have to change the sheets on the bed and vacuum and and and and and I'm freaking out, but soon it'll be okay I bet.

David, he's my guest that I'm expecting, he'd better be FUN to make up for all this. I'm pretty confident he will be.

Ugh I need to go drive an hour to Princeton to catch a train BYE!

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