Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I hate Bill Gates. Seriously. Oh wait and also Comcast.

My old version of IE used to break at least once a day. That is, I would get an error or something, some fatal error, I don't know, and I'd have to close it and start over. At least once a day.

That was 6.0. So when my buddy Mitch sort of wiped my hard drive and put a new operating system on (2000 instead of 98) the IE was 5.0 and I've left it like this. I didn't want to upgrade to 6.0, but I was pretty sure that you couldn't get 5.5 or 5.51 or whatever, not on the MS site, anyway.

Here's how THIS version of IE breaks

  • As I mentioned once before, when I hit "Back" after reading comments on a post, it brings me to an old Friends page, not the current one. I have to refresh. Every time. Every single time. Every single goddamn time. And though people helpfully suggested I change the settings to Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every visit to the page, I had already done that, since I'm at least pretty good at TRYING to figure stuff out on my own. It does it anyway. Every damn time.

  • Yahoo doesn't work correctly. If I hit "Most Popular", or any of the other News topics, I get a "The page cannot be displayed". If I click the Ask Yahoo thing from My Yahoo (which happens to be my homepage), I get a "The page cannot be displayed". I can get a location from the Yahoo Maps module, but when I click Driving Directions, I get a "The page cannot be displayed". Etc.

I downloaded Mozilla a few weeks ago, but it seems slower than IE (do you think maybe it just seems that way?). But I guess I have to remember to keep using that. Unless you guys have some better ideas.

WHOOPS! No, scratch that. Mozilla has the same problem with Yahoo. (It doesn't do the Friends page thing, though). Except ITS error is a gray Alert that says "The connection was refused when trying to contact". Awesome. It's ME. Fuck you, Comcast! Whether it's my cable connection or my computer that you fucked up, it's your fault! Sonsabitches!

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