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New England

I had the WORST DREAM EVER this morning. It was awful.

I dreamt that I was sleeping over at Mitch and Neil's, like at a sleep over. Everybody was there, in sleeping bags. I was on the floor, I remember Mitch was up in a bunk bed, as was Vince, I think. I also specifically remember Kevin and Neil and Hal being there, but I think the general idea was that everybody was there. Anyway, we all woke up, and it was Monday morning (like it was in real life), and everybody started talking about the trip to Vermont. And in the dream, I knew that we were all planning a week-long vacation in Vermont, but I didn't know why everybody was talking so excitedly about it today. So I said something like, "yeah, I know, but that's not happening right now," and everybody looked at me and they were like, "uh, Keritha, the we're leaving for Vermont today." And I was like, "WHAT!?" because I didn't think we had decided on a definite date yet.

So I was really upset, because I had this big project or something going on at work, plus they don't generally like it when you take a week off with no notice. I wasn't sure what to do, but I called Tom, my boss at work, and asked him if I could have the week off. He told me no, that I had to go see the project being done, I could have Thursday and Friday off, but I had to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. I was infuriated, because I knew that if I worked Wednesday night, I wouldn't be done until nine or so Thursday morning, and by the time I got up to Vermont, I'd only be able to hang out like one day or something, and then we'd all be coming home. Also, the project that was going on didn't even require me or anything, it was just something that I had never seen before, so they wanted me to see it.

I didn't know what to do. I was very upset. I called my mom, to ask her advice; everyone else (all the sleep over people) said I should just go anyway, so that's what I think I decided to do: I'd leave anyway, job be damned. If they fired me, fine. I didn't like that job anyway, I'm always complaining about it. Oh, and all my friends were nice enough to postpone the trip a day while I dealt with all of this.

In real life, I woke up from this dream, went to the bathroom, decided that I didn't need to be up just yet, and went back to bed without resetting the alarm. (This is a common practice for me, but I don't recommend it: it invariably makes me late for work). Interestingly, I dreamt a sequel to the first dream. That hardly EVER happens. I don't remember it as well, though. I believe Tom was scolding me for being irresponsible, or something.

So there's that. The dream speaks of many things. It speaks of my negative-value work ethic and loyalty to my job. It speaks of the priority of my job, which is just about at the bottom of my Priority List.

And, I fear, it speaks of my upcoming move to Conneticut. I'd been waffling for quite some time, but since Thursday or Friday or so, I've been of the mind that I will indeed make the move, see how I like it. If I'm miserable, I can always come home, yes? But perhaps my little mind is trying to tell me that I value time spent with friends FAR FAR more than a jorb. Which I knew already, but maybe I've been ignoring the magnitude of the difference between the amount of happiness that each aspect -- friends, job -- has the capability of giving me.

Perhaps I'll put it to a vote. Should I stay, or should I go? Anyone?

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