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Man, I had a party last night and if I do say so myself, it was a rousing success! Big thanks to Jeff and Kevin and Vince for letting me use the Manse; it is much more the Party Place than my tiny apartment. It had a theme and most people went along with it! I was amazed! There were a few to several people passed out around the house, and if that's not the measure of a good party, I don't know what is. It was still fairly bumpin' at three or four in the morning! My co-worker James showed up and I think I impressed him with my coolness. Also he and Kelly exchanged punches to the gut. Over and over. I didn't really get that.

There is such a feeling of accomplishment from throwing a great party, I can't even tell you. My brother was there! There were crepe paper streamers!

This morning I got up late and cooked breakfast for my brother and I, and then sent him home. I picked up my car and other sundries which I had left at the Manse. It was remarkably not-too-messy! Apparently Neil cleaned a little bit last night because he was drunk. Thanks Neil!

It is amazingly beautiful out there. A little windy, but glorious and sunny. I can't wait for Spring! I love Spring! Driving with the windows down!

Eventually I'll put all the pictures up, but for now, I will tantalize you with this one.


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