Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

The War

So I was home during lunch and I watched The War. It was shockful and aweful. It made me put my hands over my mouth. You will no doubt see highlights on the news tonight, if you choose to watch TV. It was right across the river from where the camera was. They're blasting the hell out of the palaces and the government buildings and everything. Dan Rather said something about how ninety percent of the bombs/missiles in a city operation like this are "smart bombs" and dude in Baghdad said "Dan, right now I'm thinking about that other ten percent. I'm hoping they're at least clever," and Dan chuckled nervously. Dude in Baghdad, he was calm at first but then one hit RIGHT across the river from him and you could hear the panic in his voice. He said "hold on, I'm putting on a helmet."

The video that ABC had was from Abu Dhabi television. When I was listening to the radio on the way back to work, KYW (which is CBS, but which for some reason always has ABC News feeds during really big news stories) was channeling ABC News which was channelling "Sky" news which was channelling BBC. Or something like that.

I can't help but put my hands over my mouth, they go there by themselves. I'm feeling better now that I'm not watching it. Wayne has streaming radio in his cubicle. I can hear it, but can't totally follow what's going on. That's okay with me.
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