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I should write in my LiveJournal more often.

Today I didn't go home for lunch, to watch stupid vampires try to decide between stupid former Playmates who are really the same person. Instead, I stayed at work and ate at the picnic table outside. Crystal and I went to Wawa and got meatball hoagies. I had a Junior and she had a Shorti. I had oregano on mine. It tasted very, very good. Crystal had forgotten her wallet today so she asked me to buy cigarettes for her and I did. She smokes Parliament Menthol Lights. I was carded.

We ate outside, and Ruth was there, as well as this kid TJ who is getting married in August and also is buying a house, and this woman Stacy. We talked about kids these days, and how they're all having sex way too early, among other things. It's depressing so I don't want to think about it any more. Ruth and Stacey are divorced, TJ is getting married, and Crystal is not. But Crystal says that she can't wait to get married, and she can't wait to have kids. I don't think that way, but I'm glad she does, and it makes me happy. Somebody's got to do it.

It was so nice outside. So bright. When I came back in I couldn't see anything, it was so bright out.

I sure would like to work outside again! That would be the best.

I get to pick up Zelda tonight. Last night I started playing Animal Crossing, finally. Culann got it for me for my birthday, did I say that already? I named my character Edward, and she's a girl. I named the town Tabr. I was wandering around the town at one in the morning, and all of the little animals were ticked off that I was waking them up at such a godawful hour. They told me to go home and go to bed. They still gave me tasks to do and stuff, though, thank goodness. I have a mortgage to pay off! I'm in the hole to Tom Nook in a big way. And I have some cherries I can sell, but I work for Tom Nook part-time to pay off my mortgage, and Nook is like the only game in town, only he doesn't do business with his employees! Man, it's like I'm an indentured servant over here.

Just because I'm talking about a video game doesn't mean I don't have a lot going on. I do! On Saturday I went up to Ill's Half-Assed-Costume Birthday Party. I was a koopa paratroopa. Ill and Sarah were the White Stripes. Mambo was Vincent Vega. They live so close to a diner, that you can walk there when you're drunk and be there in less than five minutes. Amazing! I had mozzarella sticks.

The next day Mambo stayed in bed for twelve million years because he had had too much gin. Dave left out the back door while I was on his front steps making a phone call (the jerk). Mambo and I went to a park on the banks of the old Raritan. I had a pretzel which was crispy and good, and also an Italian Ice in a plastic cup. I didn't get a straw or a spoon, so I was squeezing the cup to get the ice to go to the top, and it cracked, and I got syrup all over my shirt and jeans. Luckily it was a pink shirt.

On Sunday night I watched Donnie Darko. I hadn't seen it before. Then last night we watched the commentary. It makes . . . a surprising amount of sense. I mean, the filmmaker, somebody Kelley, he made up this set of rules, and the story follows the rules pretty closely. All you have to do is read the bits from The Philosophy of Time Travel that are on the website. Then pretty much the only question is, who's in charge? Who sent Frank? But that's it.

Man, Frank. Unfortunately, he no longer scares the shit out of me. He sure as hell did the first time I watched it, though.

Oh and on Friday I went on that date I may have mentioned in passing. I was really late: first I was moderately late, and then I ran into traffic caused by a car fire. I was at a standstill for about 45 minutes. A guy in a truck in the next lane got out and took a piss and came back. If I had left on time, I probably would not have gotten stuck in the traffic. Also, I wore a T-shirt in the car, because I didn't want to wear the nice shirt I was going to wear for an hour and a half before I even got there. I changed when the traffic started moving again. I was topless on the Garden State Parkway for a brief moment, but nobody noticed. So yeah, I was late. We went to a restaurant and I drank a lot of wine. Also I think I talked a lot, which I do when I'm nervous. I had Malaysian Spicy Chicken and it was realllllly good and then I forgot the goddamned leftovers, god damn me.

So it's warm out, you guys. This is the time of the year when you say to yourself that you're going to go to the shore this year, a lot, like every weekend, you mean it this time. I went two or three times last year, I think. I like the beach okay . . . but I burn so easily, it becomes a real hassle. I like to go and sit on the boardwalk and put quarters on the boards and see who picks them up. I like to people-watch.

On the way home from Rutgers I saw some balloons, of the hot-air variety. Adam at work, his parents are somehow involved in ballooning, like they have one or something, so I said something to him, and he said that the balloonists I saw were the people he grew up around.

I want to go to a ballooning festival this summer. Who's with me?


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Mar. 25th, 2003 11:37 am (UTC)
Woo-hoo! You've finally crossed Animals! Now we gotta visit each others' towns! Mine's called "Cannibal." I can hook you up with some neat stuff, my friend.

Of course, I guess that means we'd have to actually visit each other, first. Man, has it been, what, seven months? I should either win an award, or get punched in the gut. I'll get on this soon!

Mar. 25th, 2003 11:48 am (UTC)
By the way, you may not already know this -- Tom Nook is a kind of Japanese-native raccoon creature called "tanuki." Get it? Ha ha ha ha!
Mar. 25th, 2003 11:52 am (UTC)
I like how the name of his shop is "Nook's Cranny". That's clever.
Mar. 25th, 2003 11:57 am (UTC)
It'll change as the game goes on, and you give him more and more money. There's four upgrades, if I'm right. Next it becomes "Nook 'n' Go," and then it becomes "Nookway."
Mar. 25th, 2003 11:59 am (UTC)
Mar. 25th, 2003 12:30 pm (UTC)
dude, there's a deleted scene that pretty much spells out who Frank is/where he comes from, no? the extended version of the first Frank scene, when Donnie walks out & avoids the jet engine. i'm fighting off the urge to say it right here & now...

the movie, in its original form, is hardly a mystery at all. it's still weird, but i thought it was a lot more cut & dry, in re: who is Frank?
Mar. 25th, 2003 12:39 pm (UTC)
Re: fear-------------------------------------------love
Hmm! I accidentally left the commentary on when I watched that scene so we didn't see the whole thing or see what he was saying, I should watch it again when I get home.

Yeah, don't say anything here, you don't want to ruin it for the kids.

Man, Frank.

Okay fuckit, I want to discuss. ****SPOILER ALERTY MAYBE****
Although -- I mean I know who he is and where he comes from (and who he's dating) but who *sent* him, does it explain that? Just . . . God? That's what dude was saying in the commentary, that the scene made it pretty clear that God was behind everything, that Frank was a messenger from God, but it was overexplaining it, and too early in the film, so he decided to leave it short, so that the audience isn't really sure. It's better to have the audience not really know, than to overexplain, and I think I agree. In FACT, I think I somewhat regret watching the commentary, because now . . . I know. And I like better not knowing, maybe.

Did you think Donnie was crazy, the first time you watched it? I did. Up until the very end, I thought that fucker was just crazy, pure and simple. Poor kid.
Mar. 25th, 2003 03:10 pm (UTC)
Re: fear-------------------------------------------love
I almost look at it as two movies. One that takes into account the commentary, and one that doesn't. I like the one that doesn't a lot more. Such a good movie either way.
Mar. 26th, 2003 06:21 am (UTC)
Re: fear-------------------------------------------love
But . . . once you know the filmmaker's intent, you're able to look at the film separately from that? I don't think I could do that. Especially with the jet engine. Jet engine aside, you could just say that he's crazy, but man, that jet engine, you know? And the end as well.

I'm a little disappointed that Frank doesn't scare the shit out of me anymore (I put my hands over my eyes during the bathroom scene). Especially now that I know who he is.
Mar. 26th, 2003 08:18 am (UTC)
more spoilage
yeah, only watching the movie provides a TOTALLY different experience from watching the movie, the deleted scenes, the commentary, and reading the website. hell, just reading The Philosophy of Time Travel makes this into a whole 'nother animal. before i had checked out any of the supplemental stuff, after the very first time i saw it, i felt like, yes, Donnie was crazy, but he was only "crazy" in one sense; whatever mental dysfunction was going on with him was obviously happening with purpose. there was some force behind the appearance of Frank, responsible for Donnie's "insanity" (which was really just hypersanity). being an individual with a strong belief in God, i was predisposed to the notion of divine intervention (especially when, as grandma death says, it is "the only logical conclusion"). but obviously there was plenty of room for interpretation. after taking in all of this other stuff, though, there's not much question left in my mind. Donnie returns the Artifact to the Primary Universe, right? he was selected, presumably by God, to be the one to collapse the Tangent Universe & repair the corruption of time, by merit of his proximity to the vortex. Frank is one of the Manipulated Dead, pushing Donnie toward the mission God has given him. there are a few remaining mysteries, though, to my mind. why does Frank tell Donnie to burn down Jim Cunningham's house? i mean, obviously he was a fucking perv, but how does it further the cause, i.e. the end of the Tangent Universe? does some inkling of the ordeal (getting exposed as a pedophile) survive the reintegration of the Universes? is that what causes Jim to commit suicide on the golf course? also, who was driving the black sedan that sideswiped prof. monnitoff? what was the point of giving us that little detail? was he killed for a reason?

man, don't send that thing back. i'm gonna need to watch it again...

Mar. 26th, 2003 08:27 am (UTC)
Re: more spoilage
Okay, I won't.

Well, the Jim Cunningham thing is almost not necessary. The only way it relates is that because he burns down the house, his mom is in the plane instead of Kitty. But does that matter? And does his sister still die? Does the jet engine still crash into the house, in the Primary Universe? The whole point was to return the Artifact, but it SEEMS (the first time through) that the whole point was to have Donnie die. But if he dies by the Artifact falling on him, then he didn't return it, did he? If he did return it, then the portal doesn't open, and he doesn't die at all. But at the end, there he is, dead. So wtf.

And yeah, really the book alone explains practically everything.

Well, why does John Carter say that he can't say anymore? Does he know stuff because he used to work for NASA? Does the government know about Sparrow's work, and is trying to cover it up? That kind of makes sense, but he (Kelley) doesn't go into it enough to make it seem like he cares. Like, it would make sense, but it's certainly not the point of the story, so . . . why bother?

This would do better in person. We should take the same car together tonight, and make sure that everyone else in the car has seen the movie.

Also, I had no idea you had a STRONG belief in God. And I guess I do too (though saying "I guess" cancels that out, I guess), but I never assume that other people do. Actually, unless I know someone subscribes to a particular religion, I assume they're atheist. Must be a result of all the godless heathens we hang out with.
Mar. 26th, 2003 08:29 am (UTC)
Re: more spoilage
P.S. Nice icon
Mar. 25th, 2003 12:31 pm (UTC)
i think you write beautifully. i like the image of leaving quarters and waiting.

Mar. 25th, 2003 12:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

And you don't have to wait long, most of the time! And when you do there are a lot of close calls. And you hope it doesn't get kicked, to fall between the boards. It wasn't my idea, originally. I'm not sure whose it was. Dave Mitchell, maybe. Mitch, perhaps. Not sure.

Then you leave a nickel, and see how many people see it, but don't bother picking it up.
Mar. 26th, 2003 01:36 am (UTC)
Animal Crossing is pretty cool. My friend Jesse got it last year and we were all playing it for a while. Jesse got kind of pissed when Jason stepped all over his flowers, so he monopolized all the shovels and axes (and maybe the fishing poles). They kept coming over to my town and buying all the good shit, which sucked, but it kinda backfired when most of thier animals moved to my town cause they visited so much. Jesse also got pretty competitive on his museum too and donated almost all the stuff to it. Squig made shirts that said BYATCH (Jesse's character) SUX and all the store started selling them and all the animals starting whereing them. Squig got some animals to move to by stealing fruit from the other town and including it as a gift with his mails. Who knew a game like Animal Crossing could turn so ugly :)

Zelda is much cool too; I saw my friend playing today. Zelda is really cute looking and the graphics are great.
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