Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I just woke up from a pretty unsettling dream.

It had a song in the background. It's in my head, but I can't figure out the words. It's probably from theDonnie Darko sound track, that would make sense. I wonder if I'll figure out what it is before I forget it.

It was Halloween, and I was getting ready. I was re-using the dress from my Medusa costume a few years back. So maybe it was another Half-Assed Costume party, because that was my other option when I was deciding what to wear for that, in real life.

The most disturbing part was that there was this guy watching me, a classic movie-type villain with cameras in my house and talking to me via IM and trying to freak me out. The scary part was that my brother headed straight to him, because the bad guy was in the place my brother thought I was supposed to be, so he headed there before I realized my error. I talked to the guy on IM while he messed with Sean's head and tried to freak him out. I tried to stay calm as I put together my costume. There were loads of people in my house, but I didn't tell any of them what was going on. Eventually I finished putting my costume together and the guy let Sean go, I could see him walking down the city street to my fancy hotel room.

He got there and I was so happy that he was safe. I tried to play it off as an "adventure," because apparently I had had to deal with this villain many times before. Sean was wearing a colorful costume, but I don't remember what it was.

Also disconcerting was near the beginning of the dream, before everybody else got there. Manning was there, and he was putting together a webpage for all the pictures I had taken at the first part of the Halloween party, the night before. He took over the entire address, which kind of bothered me because it was his work not mine, y'know? But that wasn't the scary part, the scary part was that he was trying to tell me something, his voice was so quiet that I had to keep asking him to repeat himself. My guests started to arrive to get their costumes ready, before I could make out what he was trying to tell me. I pulled Manning into another room and said "what, what were you trying to say?" and he said "forget it" and I said "no tell me" and he told me that he was just . . . sad. That totally freaked me out. I mean, I'm sure Manning gets sad sometimes, but I won't ever see it, I don't think. The idea that someone so stoic and strong was so lost that they turned to me was terrifying, it meant that something absoultely horrible had happened.

Man, it just leaves such a bad taste in my chest, that dream. And the song that's still in my head. Even though it's creeping me out and I should try to get rid of it, part of me wants to know what it is.

Also one time I looked down from my hotel window, and saw this guy I used to work with at Amtrak. The hotel was right on a boardwal, and ths guy Dave was standing there in a denim tuxedo jacket, tails. He was the maitre 'd of a tourist boat, or whatever the nautical, boat-enthusiast version of a maitre d' is. And I pointed him out to my parents, and they lamented at how badly things have been going at Amtrak, that this is the only place he could get a job.

There's a lot more to the dream that I can't remember so well.

Man, that dream. And then to wake up to an empty house . . . I should go play Zelda, maybe my brain was punishing me for not playing it as soon as I got home.
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