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Who am I, prettykate?

My calendar here at work is a calendar of bridges, because I <3 Bridges. That's why I wanted to become an engineer, so that I could drive over something I had designed. I ended up not doing that.

Anyway, this month is the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, New York. I'm reading the description here, and . . . it's short, and you wanted to learn something about bridges today, I could tell, so:

Engineer Joseph Roebling envisioned that the Brooklyn Bridge would be "... a work of art, and a successful specimen of advanced bridge engineering.... " Although he did not live to see it completed, his prediction was more than realized. Construction of the bridge was plagued with problems; beginning with the death of Roebling before construction even began. The project was then taken over and seen through to its completion by his son, Washington Roebling. Construction on what was to become the world's largest suspension bridge, and the first suspension bridge to use steel for its cable wire, began in 1870. Three years after construction began, Washington Roebling was struck with a crippling case of the bends after inspecting the cement caissons achoring the bridge below the river's surface. He continued to oversee the completion of the bridge from his bedroom window and employed his wife Emily to relay orders to the crew. Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883; fournteen years after construction began. Today, the bridge is the second busiest bridge in New York and one of its greatest landmarks.

Man, that's fucking bullshit! I learned in school that the Emily Roebling did a hell of a lot more than "relay messages". She did a whole fucking lot, especially considering she wasn't educated in engineering or anything.

Fucking calendars, trying to keep us down. You should go read that page (it's short) and be proud of Emily Roebling. Keeping shit together and shit.
Tags: bridges, engineering, feminism

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