Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I got very drunk in Cape May last night. I was all sixes and sevens. But I had a good time and ate a few mozzarella sticks and didn't get sick or anything. This morning I dreamed that there was a huge flood, it was so bad that there was water over the deck of the Ben Franklin Bridge when I needed to get across, then it would recede and then come back up again. I tried to take pictures of it with my digital camera but I was drunk or high or something and kept pressing the wrong buttons, holding the wrong side of the camera up, releasing the batteries. Finally people shoveled sand onto the bridge and we could drive across.
Tags: dreams

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    OMG, I totally dreamed that I knew how to ride a unicycle last night! I think that means I should learn to ride a unicycle.

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