Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Hooray, it's my last day!

We all went to Ott's for lunch. Well, seventeen of us, anyway. They got me a card, which I was expecting, but they also got me a gift! They're crazy! I wasn't expecting a gift!

I got a small beaded change purse that looks like a cat head, which is tacky enough to be awesome, and it was filled with $61! And also a little lamp with a shade that takes tea lights, I don't know if I'm nuts about that but Ruth bought it for me so that's very nice. AND the best part: a bottle of Jim Beam Black Label! Woo hoo!

They're totally going to miss me.

Oh, and hey, remember guys, don't send stuff to my work email anymore, thank yoU!
Tags: work

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