Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

My second day at work

Today I woke up and didn't take a shower and got in to work about ten minutes late, but it doesn't matter.

Bruce and Chuck are at a seminar at my old university, and the rest of the guys are out surveying, so it is just me! At ten I got into my car and drove to the Soil Conservation District to pick up a soil map that I need. Then I drove to the site where one of the crews is, so that I can see where they are staking out the locations for the test pits which I will have to oversee sometime next week. It is beautiful out. It is warm, just right below the threshold of being "too hot". Yesterday at the mall a lady gave me a card spritzed with men's cologne ("Chrome"), and I left it in my car, so I am greeted by a gentle whiff of unfamiliar cologne each time I get in. At the site I walked down a long driveway, and then into the woods. The rain of the past few months has left everything green green green. There was a wide swath in the woods, wide enough for a car to travel in. I walked down it and saw a bunny and there is honeysuckle everywhere.

I couldn't find the stakes so I asked Alex, one of the survey guys (nee' "teddy bear boy" for you long-time readers) where they were and he showed me. They hadn't staked out the locations of the last two test pits, so I waited while they did so. Alex said that Gloucester County College is having a Intro to Surveying course starting in September, and I think I'm going to do that; Rutgers doesn't have a surveying course (which is stupid) so I never took one. Work will pay for it if I pass, which I will.

Then I drove back to the office, and passed Washington Lake Park, which means I finally know where it is. I'm going to go check it out next time I remember.

Did I mention the sun is shining?

So I am here in the office all by my lonesome. I am once again allowed to have internet radio, and right now a new Beck song is playing.

Did I mention I have a window? My old job was inside a former warehouse, so there were very very few windows, and each of them were 12" wide.

I have my own window here.

The weather report for Bonnaroo is still low 80's everyday, but scattered T-storms every single day! That's okay, it's better than a steady rain. Things will be wet and muddy, but hopefully the storms will be sporadic and we can chill in between them. Too back I won't be able to wear my paper hat. I will be wearing a poncho, though!

Life is good.

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