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Yesterday I woke up sucking a lem-own.

Damn, I almost just caught a glimpse of my dream just now, but then it slipped away again. It was an ensemble piece, I think, with a large cast of characters . . . and it was a "go on a mission" dream, I think . . . hmmph.

Here is what I do know: that something in my dream happened, something was happening, and then when my alarm went off for the first time (less than two hours after I finally put Cryptonomicon down and turned off my light) I woke up and was shocked to realize that whatever crazy thing had transpired in my dream, was also true in real life! As crazy at that seemed! Amazed, I hit snooze and went back to sleep.

Now that I'm awake, it's clear that this was just a ruse that my brain was using, to get me to sleep in. But I snoozed for around 90 minutes like I usually do, and got up. I am really, really tired.

Yesterday I was supposed to do laundry -- it's been Extreme Laundry Day for over a week now -- but I laid down for just one second when I got home from work, and fell the hell asleep. My brain tricks me into that, too. I'm too smart for my own good.

By the time I woke up, it was too late to get any laundry done before the building closed for the night at 8:30, so I scratched that idea. Instead, I read on my porch. I took down some little lanterns that I had hung up Sunday, because they didn't light up; I have to figure out what's wrong with those bastards. I played a lot of Zelda. I wrote a bunch of html pages for my website. I watched Adult Swim. I made deviled eggs AND egg salad; the deviled eggs I ate, and the egg salad is for later in the week. So I was still productive! But in a relaxing manner.

Sunday was the same. I had thought that I had plans, but then I didn't, so I had the afternoon to myself. I sat on my balcony and read, in a relaxed almost-not-high-anymore state, whilst I smoked a clove. I cleaned up all the dead plants from the balcony, and hung up the aforementioned lights. Mitch came over with his GBA SP, and we tried it out on Animal Crossing -- I visited my island (I named it Goa), and its inhabitant, Flossie -- and Zelda, where Mitch/Tingle bombed some boulders for me. I watched some Flying Circus whilst Mitch played with Flossie on his GBA. Then we watched Adult Swim.

Today I am very tired. I dozed off for a moment a little while ago. I may work some overtime tonight. I'm supposed to (according to me) work 10 hours of overtime a week (did I say this already?) and I'm not sure where else in the week I'll be able to make time. (We do timesheets every two weeks, and Bruce said he worked 120 hours this last pay period. Damn.) Even though I really, really need to do laundry. It can wait a few days more, I still have uncomfortable underwear left. Then tomorrow I'm going to see Les Claypool. Then Thursday I'm seeing Brian, and we will go eat sushi. Then Saturday my parents are coming down, and we're going to go to the Camden Aquarium.


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