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Hello to ScareCrow and so long to The Chris

Oh man, I am so tired today! I'm insaaaanely tired, as Ye Olde Flapjacke would say. And I even got to bed before two last night! One-thirty, even! But I didn't take a nap, I guess that's what got me.

I was going to work through lunch today, since I have to leave on time tonight. But I'm too sleepy, I'm going to go home and eat some tunafish instead. The novelty has worn off this job. I still like it, and I still like it WAYYY better than my old one, but the enthusiasm for working overtime is gone again. I think I just don't like working, I don't think the job itself makes a difference. It's going to be a long 30 years. Oh well.

And I didn't win the Pepsi Billion Dollar Sweepstakes! I am outraged. I must've entered like TWENTY FIVE codes. I am SUCH a loyal Pepsi drinker. Bastards.

I could've sworn I had something quasi-interesting to say. No, really.

Oh! misterscarecrow came to visit this past weekend! He stayed at my place even though the cat made him all sniffly and eye-itchy, and he didn't complain once. We went to breakfast at a diner, and one morning I made breakfast for us (and Michelle). We went to the Mutter Museum with Manning, and we ate hot pretzels, and we went to the Franklin Institute with Ben which was the bizzityizzomb: we walked through the heart, and said hello to Benny (Franklin, not Schtune), and looked at Tesla coils and SC and I rode on the SkyBike which was awes, especially since ScareCrow is afeared of heights. We played with and touched many, many, many things. Man, I hadn't been to the Franklin Institute in years. When I was in the Girl Scouts, we did the sleep-over thing there a couple of years. I remember sleeping in the aviation room, under the planes suspended from the ceiling. (Everybody wanted to sleep in the heart, but of course you weren't allowed). They had a dance in the big room with Ben Franklin. I remember them playing "Like a Prayer".

Also Manning and Ben had a party in ScareCrow's honor. Oh and ALSO I got to bring him to The House for a Friday night of drinkin', which, I dunno, I think is pretty cool. Because that's what I do all the time, and now SC knows what that's like.

I didn't get to see him on Sunday, though, because they didn't get started for the shore til the afternoon, and I had a Mexican Fiesta to attend. First I watched wiffle ball, which was nice. I really wish that I were allowed to play. Oh, and the weather was gaw-jiss. Then Chris served up an amazing feast in honor of his and the other kids' return to school. Good Lord, were those good eats. The spicy quesadillas were so hot that I had my mouth hanging open like unto a dog, and Christ purportedly laughed at me. But it was sooooo good. And then the fajitas! Man what a spread. Beef and chicken and rice and beans and cheese and Kelly-made guacamole and a bunch of other stuff. And almost all of it got eaten! That kid is really something, Chris I mean. I wonder if he regrets not going to culinary school. Ha ha, he will once he becomes an engineer! Blah.

I really like those kids. Chris (who is Jeff's younger brother, for those not in the know), and Megan, and Flappy, and Emily. This summer was noticably more fun with them around on a regular basis. They're all fun and funny and smart and they know how to have a good time which, my friends, is the most important thing. Am I right or am I right? Or am I right?

The theme from Big O is stuck in my head. It's quite repetitive.

I'm sure there's more, I'm sure I've skipped something, but it's almost lunchtime, so I'm out. Enjoy the rest of your summer, folks.

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