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I would not like to not feel good please.

Er, I don't feel well.

I guess I had a tiny headache all morning, but it was tiny and wasn't bothering me too much. Ten minutes ago I got up to go the bathroom and decided that it was suddenly bothering me more. When I got back to my desk I got out my bottle of ibuprofen, and as I shook the pills out I realized that my really truly headache seems to be accompanied by some nausea! What up with that? I took my glasses off and laid my head down and knocked my glasses off of my desk. Then I had to be very very careful not to move my chair or feet so as to not roll over or step on them, and I looked around and found them and picked them back up. I think that looking at this computer screen is making things worse, and that's unfortunate, as it is my JOB to look at this computer screen.

I'm all alone here today. Bruce is on vacation, one of the survey crews is -- hold on, one of the survey crews is back! The other one is up in central Jersey (they call it North Jersey, but it's totally not even close) but that's irrelevant now, as I am no longer alone. And to think that a few minutes ago I was thinking of locking the door, and stretching out on the floor or desk or something for a quick nap! (I worked through lunch today, it wouldn't be deceitful or anything, just . . . weird).

This sort of blows! I hope it goes away, the headache I mean.

Today I get to pick up my McSweeney's from UPS. And take a shower, I haven't done that in ages. And maybe take a nap. And finish some pages for the ol' website.

I guess that's it.


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Sep. 11th, 2003 10:43 am (UTC)
Headaches like that suck. You should turn down the lights and lie down--it will help.
Sep. 11th, 2003 06:22 pm (UTC)
And take a shower, I haven't done that in ages

You going hippy on me?
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