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The Story of New Jersey's Civil Boundaries

Hey, I was asking somebody (Jeff, maybe, or Hal) if the municipality they lived in was a part of Gloucester township, and said person scoffed at me and said "I live in CAMDEN county" and I said "I know, but Gloucester township is in Camden county" and this person said something to the effect of "that is ridiculous" and I said "Indeed, but I was in traffic court the other day in Gloucester township, staring at the seal behind the judge, and it's in Camden county, by God."

Well, here's the scoop! Because I know you've been waiting with bated breath since then: Gloucester township was founded in 1695, in Gloucester County. Camden county didn't exist then. It was formed in 1844 from Gloucester county, and it consisted of Camden city, and Delaware, Gloucester, Newton, Union, Washington, and Waterford townships. (Washington township was transferred back to Gloucester county in 1871). So there you are!

And, for the futher curious: Pine Hill borough was formed from part of Clementon township in 1929. Laurel Springs borough was formed from Clementon township in 1913 (and got a further part from Clementon township in 1941). Clementon township was formed from Gloucester township in 1903, and parts were taken by surrounding boroughs every so often until 1941, when the remainder went to Laurel Springs. There is no Clementon township anymore. (There is a Clementon borough, though.)

I'm the only person who finds this fascinating, aren't I?

P.S. I'm following the capitilization of this book from which I'm getting the inpho. Does that look right to you, oh librarians of my Friends-Of list? Ma'ams? It makes sense, I suppose, but I keep wanting to capitilize "township" and "borough" and what have you.

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