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<-- Elvis sez, "what did you just say, Washu's mom?"

Last weekend, as you may recall, my mom and I were gabbing with women, catching up, drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers, you know, you know, things that grown-ups do. I guess everyone was talking about trips/vacations they had taken recently, and I said that I had been to Seattle last September (holy cow, I can't believe that was a whole year ago!).

me: I shook Elvis Costello's hand!
Mom: Pssh, Elvis Costello.
me: What's wrong with Elvis Costello?
Mom (dismissively): Oh, that man wears ugly hats.
me: ...
me: Well yeah, he does.
Mom: Him and Tom Waits. They're both always wearing ugly hats.
me: !!!

Man, I don't even know anything about Tom Waits. Man, my mom.

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