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More later

I am in a new office! It all smells like new carpet.

I have so many job-related things that are totally awesome right now that I would like to talk about! But I am at work right now (coincidentally enough) and should be working!

Also I am excited for Halloween, even though I am way behind in my costume production. Also, I ordered a VERY EXPENSIVE item from eBay for this mother, and it was sent Friday the 26th, and I haven't heard any more from it. As in, the tracking number turns up nothing. I'm hoping this is just because it was sent from Canadia? Oh I hope I hope I hope it makes it.

Hey SPEAKING of Halloween, you guys should totally check out this comic produced by my two best friends, Manning "Manning" Krull and Calamity "Jon" Morris:


Ha ha, I'm just kidding, they're not my best friends, I don't even really like them that well. But I'm STILL plugging their book, so it must be good, am I right? Some of the stories are written by Manning and drawn by Jon and some of them are written by Jon and drawn by Manning and some are both written and drawn by Manning and STILL OTHERS are both written and drawn by Jon. There are a ridiculous number of stories in there, eighty-five I think, and it's 32 pages long which is a long comic. And even though I haven't seen the finished product yet I can assure you that this shit is TIGHT. Whatever these cats do, it's always TIGHT. This ain't no amateur-looking shit, this is the real deal. So if you like comics, and you like Halloween, you should splurge the measly $3.50 and order yo'self a copy. And if you don't like comics and Halloween, then good lord, what are we doing hanging out? (P.S. At the very least check out the site promoting the comic, it's pretty sweet.)

Um . . . I'll tell you about work later, I guess. I got to play with dirt all yesterday morning, and the weather was gorgeous and I felt good to be alive.

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