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More later again

Hi hello I am back! I am sure you were missing me!

From this past Wednesday until Saturday, I attended a pair of courses run by Cook College. They were Wetland Delineation and Hydric Soils, and I took them so that I can be certified to identify wetlands, which would be convenient for my company. The courses were actually really very interesting, I thought. And the instructors were absurdly good at their jobs. They've been running these courses for something like fifteen years, so I guess they know what they are doing by now. They told us everything we needed to know, and nothing extraneous. It was great.

The classes were held in Basking Ridge for three days, and Hightstown for one. These places are far away from where I live, so I stayed with friends who lived closer. Wednesday and Thursday nights I stayed with the illscientist and hung out with him and lazymambo, and that was pretty sweet. And then Friday and Saturday nights I was up at Rutgers with The Chris and Meggers. And there were all sorts of guests in attendance, like Emily and Flapjack. Dave and Jeff came up for the Saturday evening festivities. It was nice to pretend to be in college again.

I have lots of things to say about all of that stuff, hopefully I'll get around to writing when I get home. I also never talked about my lovely nice day last week.

I am sick! This sort of sucks. Last night I kept sneezing a lot, and my nose was runny, and I was confused. This morning I woke up confused no longer: I'm damn sick. My face feels hot, even. Oh well, I'll survive. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad, and doesn't last too long, touch wood. Man, whenever I get sick I hope that I'll get sick enough to justify staying home which doesn't make ANY SENSE because being sick is NOT fun, but it's so easy to forget that.

I haven't worked very much today, I really need to work on that.

I like working on my website. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and makes me feel smart to figure stuff out. But lately I haven't been taking many pictures, because everyone is always asking about when things are going to be put up (and the two month delay has been steadily increasing), so I'm hesitant to bring the camera out which is stupid, and doesn't make any sense either. I should be documenting. I know I will for Halloween, baby, so maybe that will get me back in the mood again. I didn't take a single picture over the weekend, which is silly. I like hanging out with the kids and it should all be recorded so that they can see their asses on the internet. They look up to me. Or something.

Oh and also I'm thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this year, or whatever the hell it's called. I've started writing an outline and everything. We'll see how that goes. If I do participate, you can be sure there won't be a damn website update in November. Ah well.

Man, I keep sneezing. I think it's so silly that one can actually sneeze from having a cold, that seems like such a cartoon thing to do. Like having a red nose and hiccuping when one drinks.


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