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On colds and elections and Patriotism and the Great American Novel

Goddammit, why is my "Magic Stick" censored? The Lil' Kim verses are TOTALLY USELESS! It wasn't bleeped out LAST time it was on Launchcast, why this time? Bullocks, I say, bullocks.

Man, I totally crashed yesterday. It was sort of weird, actually. I was doing fine at work, being sick and sniffly and sneezing like a sneezer, but just generally getting along. And then a little bit before five all of a sudden I went WHUMP and I just felt exhausted. It was all I could to do finish what I was doing and get to my car. I went to the grocery store to pick up supplies (lots of soup, bread for sammiches, a box of pasta because I will not eat old pasta anymore, ask Jeff to tell you the story, orange juice because that's what you're supposed to drink when you have a cold, apple juice because I don't really like orange juice, and throat drops with Vitamin C AND zinc AND echinacea in them), and I started to feel a little nauseous even. I headed straight to bed when I got home, no alarm, and slept for three hours. Mmm. I ended up staying up til 1am that night, but that's really like staying up until ten, right? And that's not so bad.

And I feel better today! Better than yesterday, I mean. I thought I would still feel a little worse today, but maybe I'm already on the mend? I'm trying not to jinx myself . . .

I have a sneaking suspicion that I was having an interesting dream this morning, but I can't get a handle on it. Man, but last week? Lessee, the California elections were Tuesday, right? Wednesday night, whilst staying at Ill's house, I had a dream about Arnold Swarzenegger! My subconscious is so topical! I dreamt that a video tape had surfaced, of a bridal shower thrown by Maria Shriver, at which Arnold (note that I'm referring to him as neither "Ah-nold" nor "Arnie", because I'm classier than that) was snapping a belt in a "joking" manner, laughing and pretending to threaten his wife. It was the kind of thing which Arnold would dismiss as playful tomfoolery, but it looked as though he knew what he was doing, cracking that belt at his wife who was laughing nervously, because she knew how inappropriate it appeared. I also knew that he would use the excuse that he learned how to crack a belt like that doing research for some movie.

Speaking of elections, I listened to a bit of "Breakfast with the Candidates" yesterday morning on KYW, the candidates in question being Mayor Street and Sam Katz. Man. I have no idea for whom I would vote, if I lived in Philly. They both seem maaaaad shady. They are some shady individuals, and they've both been running campaigns which are practically 100% negative. But man, shady. In England they would be referred to as "dodgy".

The news made me mad again today. Such fucking bullshit. I love how we keep rejecting various U.N. Resolutions because they don't have "strong enough language" denouncing terrorism. And by "love" I mean "hate".

I'm reading Fear and Loathing in America, which is the Gonzo Letters Vol. 2, which is letters to and from Hunter Thompson between 1968 and 1976. It's alternately funny (I read it during lunch and breaks of my Wetlands classes, and would laugh out loud from time to time) and totally depressing. Man, I wish Hunter would follow our nations's leader around on THIS upcoming campaign trail, that would be some hot shit. I guess he's too old.

Tami said something in her last post about loving this country despite its current leaders, and I think that's something very important to hold on to. It reminds me of something HST said that I read recently, possibly in his ESPN Page2 column (or perhaps Jeff quoted him) if not in the book, about being a Patriot. I should dig that up.

Also in the book is mentioned that Thompson likes The Great Gatsby, and considers it the Great American Novel. My brother likes it too, which I think is a little odd, and a little cool. Sean wasn't a big reader when he was younger; he is much more so now, I suppose he's found authors he likes. But when he said that one of his favorite books was a classic, I was taken by surprise. I think that's awesome. So this summer, when I was perusing the paperbacks in Goodwill, I picked up a coverless copy for forty-nine sense, and read it again. It's hard not to envision the movie when reading it, but I don't mind so much; I <3 Sam Waterston, and the costumes were amazing. It's a good book. It's a sad book. I was having a great time reading it until the day they decide it's too hot, and they're going to go into Manhattan, and then I said "oh no" to myself. This is where it all goes wrong. It was so much fun before that, the parties and the dresses and the riding in the hansome cabs with a fit, tan tennis player. And then it all goes so badly.

Speaking of the Great American Novel, I need some ideas for NaNoWriMo. I like writing, but I'm no good at coming up with ideas about which to write. Does anyone have any they would like to lend me? Please?


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