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Oh man you guys, I am seriously so happy and excited! It's been building all week, since I tried my costume on for the first time and was delighted to see that is a little better than I had hoped. Hooray! I think this is the first time in a while that I have everything ready and together before Halloween, and I don't have to rush around at the last minute. There's one thing that I may work on a little on Saturday, but it's not necessary, it would just be a nice touch, so I can be rather relaxed about it.

I'm so excited that my chest feels big.

Though really, it's been building up all month. I don't think a day of hanging-out went by where States of the Costumes were not discussed.

Man, wanna hear something ridiculous? I was so excited about Halloween that I forgot that today is Halloween! I mean because the big party is tomorrow ("tamari" if you're Rhino) so I'm mostly excited for that, but TODAY is actually Halloween! Duh, me! There's only Bruce and I in the office today, so I didn't dress up or anything. Well okay, I put on a tiara, but that's not really dressing up.

Tonight I am going to Morimoto! I am very excited about this! I will get to drink emseesquareds! And also wine! And I will eat sushi and appreciate it on unprecedented levels! As well as take pictures of it! For posterity! And Jon and Kate will be there! There are in the state already, well not my state, but the next state over, just 'cross the river, or they're supposed to be anyway. Oh and I will be dressing like a princess! Is that stupid? I just feel weird going out in public on Halloween sans costume (that's French), and being a princess is a) easy and b) relatively unobtrusive, and most importantly, then I won't have to worry about what the heck to wear.

And my brother is coming! My brother and his girlfriend are driving allll the way down from Rochester, NY to come to the Halloween party. That's kickass, is what that is. And his costume is awesome, I can't wait. And he's making his girlfriend be a coordinating costume (that's what he said, he's "making her"), but it's not a regular ol' "couples costume" dealie, it's going to be hilarious.


On Tuesday I made London broil and roasted red potatoes and I bought a ton of beef because I like to have roast beast sandwiches for a week after I make London broil, but my bastard guests ate almost all of it! There were only five of us! I AM JUST THAT GOOD OF A COOK. I used to go grocery shopping the day of the dinner, but I continute to serve dinner wayyy later than I say I will, so I'm trying to shop the day before. Which means (I would not have told you that boring factoid if it didn't mean something) that I got to marinate the meat in that Soy Vey Very Very Teriyaki marinade (which I have mentioned before) overnight! So it was filled with flavor! Man, that punchline was certainly worth sitting through that boring factoid, wasn't it?

On Wednesday I went to see the Aesop Rock/MR. LIF show at the Unitarian Church with Jeff, Dave, Hakim, Flappy, and Oth (pronounced "uhth", as in "The Other Steve"). I had never been to the venue before, and I really liked it. It was so nice and clean and relatively smoke-free -- there were a few occasional pot smokers, but most of them seemed to be asked to stop pretty quickly. Man, these hippies started smoking a joint next to me and that shit smelled FUCKING TERRIBLE. Oh man, I was tempted to asked them how much they paid for that shit, and then either tell them that they got ripped off, or they should go ahead and splurge an extra $20, cuz good Lord.

The show was excellent! The opening group was terrible. Then came . . . Murz, I think? He was good, I liked most of his stuff. And Aesop Rock and MR. LIF were awes. I have only been listening to an Aesop Rock mixcd that Jeff made me for the past few weeks, so I didn't know a lot of his stuff, but he is tight. Man, and his DJ was RJD2 (is that right? I can never remember how those letters go . . . ), which is funny, because Jeff and I saw him at Bonnaroo. I have seen a LOT of live music this year, mostly after Bonnaroo, and it's sort of hilarious how, like, 85% of the shows have had some sort of direct relationship to Bonnaroo.

Okay okay do I have more to write about? I don't know! I don't think so! I have work that I should be doing! Plus I'm going to go home during lunch and clean up my kitchen a little so that my little brother's girlfriend doesn't . . . um I don't know think I'm disgusting? "Messy" is okay, there's not much I can do about that, but "disgusting" would be a shame.

Oh okay two more things.

One, man, I don't know about this NaNoWriMo thing. I just don't have any ideas. I asked you guys for ideas before and I don't know if you didn't believe me or what, but come on people! Any idea I come up with somehow devolves into this super-serious, depressing, RELATIONSHIP-RELATED story. WTF?? What's up with that? I don't want to write something like that, that doesn't sound like fun at all! (Except the rough-sex scenes). I can't write something I wouldn't even READ, I don't think that would work. Jeff offered me an idea of his which I was considering, but I dunno, it might be too complicated, and I don't know much about albatrosses. Hello, people? PLEASE. STORY IDEA. THE MORE FARFETCHED AND RIDICULOUS, THE BETTER. I'm totally not kidding. November is tomorrow, you know.

Oh wait, three things. Two is that I've decided that I will probably get a Toyota Prius in the next few months. I was torn between that and a classic car -- like a mid to late 60's, early 70's something, a Dodge Dart or a Challenger or a Mustang or something -- but the other morning I got into my car, which had warmed up in like three minutes, and admitted to myself that I am too lazy, careless, and complainy to own a nice classic car. I mean, I have a new car (well, it was new when I bought it) and it's all messy and dirty inside. And I like that the AC works and the heat works right away, and it has a cd player, and it won't break in a big way. So as awesome as it would be to have an old car, as many ladies as that would bring me, I don't think I'm responsible enough. Hybrid it is. Now I have to go buy one. I've never boughton a car before. Do I get the loan approval first? Or what? Last time, I asked my dad to help me, but because we live 100 miles away from each other, and I didn't get off my butt about things, he ended up doing the whole thing himself. I don't want that to happen again (I'm twenty-five, for Pete's sake), so I have to do this one all on my own. I need help! Help!

Okay thirdly and then really I have to go, um . . . shit. I forgot. Standby.

OH! Oh yeah. Hey, would any of you, by any chance, have the Park Avenue font? That I could have? I used it on the Main Menu on my site, but that was at my old work, and I can't find the font for free anywhere, and I don't really want to pay $20 for it. Man, I feel like a total asshole, should I just buy it? But that's a lot of money for a little font! I know I could just redo the menu, but I really sort of like it. Help a brother out? It will be a Halloween miracle!

Okay, LAST thing, seriously: my mom had this book, by Boynton, and it was called "Christmastime" (hold up, lemme Amazon this shit) -- okay here, Christmastime -- and it's actually pretty funny. Well, I thought it was back in the day, what do I know, I have no taste. Anyway, there was one page where it talked about how people start celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier each year, and to illustrate that point there was a pig or a hippo or something, draping Christmas lights around a Jack-o-Lantern. And this was supposed to be funny, get it? A joke. Because decorating for Christmas during Halloween is so absurd, that it's hilarious. Well, my friends, the Deptford Mall is completely decked out in Christmas gear, garlands and red bells and everything. I know it's not cool to make the "wow they start decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier each year" joke but I don't care, it's still kind of amazing, I think

Okay! Seriously goodbye! OH WAIT I also wanted to mention that I'm not listening to Elvis Costello today. I have this cd of mp3's of a bunch of his early albums, My Aim Is True through Spike, to which I was listening every day for a while there. It was a self-perpetuationg thing: I'd have an Elvis song in my head from the day before, and so I'd rev up the disc from there. But today I put in a cd that has the Jet Grind Radio soundtrack, and Tricky's first two albums, and some Groove Armada, and some Portishead, and some video game remixes (of Nintendo stuff, not lameass FFXII shit like chibikitsune listens to or whateverthefuck), and some other stuff, and it's got me so upbeat and happy and wonderful and oh man am I hungry and SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS I HAVE GOT TO GO MAY I GO NOW PLEASE?? No time to proofread, I'll fix typos after lunch.


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