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Hot Dips

I never post in this thing anymore.

I've been working for the past week or two on a site plan for a project, and the client was to come in today for a meeting to look over the stuff, and they're here, and Bruce didn't even ask me to join the meeting!! WTF^^, mates?? Whatever.

Last night I went to test-drive a Prius with Culann. I miss Culann. Last year we were taking Budo together (it's a martial arts thing) and we would carpool two or three times a week, and it was so nice to get to talk to Culann so regularly. I love Culann, and I feel so comfortable with him, and I have a tendency to talk to him about shit going on in my life that I don't really talk about with anyone else; it's nice. I trust him. Culann is a good kid.

So anyway, last night we went to the Toyota dealership. Ever since the Honda Insight came out, I've kind of wanted a hybrid car. When I was looking at cars three years ago, I considered the Prius, but it was too expensive, so I told myself I'd wait until my next car. This was actually the first time I'd ever seen a Prius in person, except maybe once on the road or something. I was excited.

Man. This car? Man. I got so sad afterwards, because this car fucking rules. I want this car. I want it so bad. It is like a TINY ROCKETSHIP. I want a tiny rocketship! Who doesn't want a tiny rocketship? Do you know it turns on? YOU PRESS A BUTTON. You press a button! It has a power button! And there's no key! There's just this little plastic rectangle that you put into a slot, but if you get the Smart Entry thing, you don't even have to put it in the slot! You can keep the thing in your pocket and PUSH THE BUTTON and the goddamned thing starts up! Also there's no transmission. Isn't that crazy?

Man. I seriously want this car. But dude . . . it's like $21K. Which is . . . doable? I think I could do it. That's about $150 more a month than I'm paying for a car now (plus I'll have to get insurance, I'm still on my dad's at the moment). Insurance is like . . . what? I have no idea. Help me out here, Jersey peeps. Twelve hundred a year? Fifteen hundred? Something?

So the bottom line is, I could probably afford this car, but . . . I don't need this car. I simply want it. I could get a Saturn. Or an off-lease car, or an off-rental car. For much, much, cheaper, and would still serve my needs. I mean, I'm supposed to be saving up for a house, right? So I shouldn't blow all my cash on a stupid car, no matter how much I want it. No matter how totally awesome I think it is. No matter how funny-looking and silver and black and rocketship it is. Der Sigh.

In other car-related news, I got a flat tire this past weekend, so on Monday I got four new tires. I needed them. The car is going to either my dad or my brother (hopefully my brother) once I get a new one, so I felt good about buying them, for some reason. Now I just have to get a new windshield.

Oh, I forgot to say that after the Toyota dealership, Culann and I went to Fuddruckers and he bought me dinner. It was really good, I should go to Fuddruckers more often, it's not far from my house.

Bruce has been in the meeting for an hour, I suppose I have to figure out what I'm going to pretend to have been doing all this time. I'm going to take a lunch today! It's been a while since I've done that. I'm going to go grocery shopping.

The weather was very warm yesterday.

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