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It is Michelle's birthday today. We're going out to dinner, just as I have with her every year since freshman year of college, 1997, when we went to Bennigans. I'm excited.

The night before last, it freezingly rained. Cars were coated with ice the following morning, pebbled, like the window in a bathroom of an old house. Like at 508.

Last night, it freezingly rained, and then snowed on top of that. But the rain was the bit that caused us trouble. Mitch and I were supposed to go to Twenty Manning, as a part of Center City Restaurant Week. When I drove home from work, it wasn't really raining yet. I knew it would, but I figured I could handle it. So I wouldn't wear a skirt after all. Big deal!

But then Mitch arrived and said he didn't know if we should go. I was skeptical. My feet slipped around on the ice a bit as I circled my car, clearing the melting ice from my warming car windows; but I was determind. This was Restaurant Week! This was Asian fusion! There was a VENISON MEATLOAF on the menu! One of the possible desserts was FONDUE!!!1 We were going, goddammit! I am an excellent driver!

I don't know why Mitch chose to put his life in my hands, but he did. For about 45 seconds, until we got to the hill at the end of my street and I slid halfway down it at 5mph, ABS brakes fluttering. "That's it, we're not going," Mitch announced. OKAY FINE. We will go some other time.

Mitch asked if we could make it to the diner around the corner, but there are lots of restaurants on Blackwood-Clementon Road, which is close, and very straight, and very flat. I didn't put on eyeliner and PANTS to sit in a diner. So we went to Filomena's. It was great. The wine was delicious (Lockwood somethingorother Chardonnay), Mitch had the special -- chicken with walnuts on it in a raspberry sauce over spring greens -- which he really liked (I had a bite, the raspberry thing was too weird for me -- I don't like pineapples on my ham, either), and I had lobster and shrimp in a spicy marinara over pasta. It was very very good, but was also pretty spicy, so I had to rest my delicate mouth between bites, and I didn't end up eating much. But it was delicious. And our waiter was awesome, I tipped big.

Then we came home to my apartment and watched the Real World, and The Osbournes, and then we started watching Deep Space Nine, but I had had half a bottle of wine, and I fell the fuck asleep, so I didn't make it very far.

So it turned out to be a pretty nice night! And I spent less at Filomena's with food PLUS the bottle of wine, than the $60 that would have gotten us the meal only. And I will go to Twenty Manning someday, because it sounds fantastic.

Tonight I'm going to the Black Sheep Pub with Teege and Jeff and Michelle. It's going to be awesome.
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