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I watched Lost In Translation last night, finally. I really, really liked it. I knew that I would like it.

I also cried for, like, the entire last half hour of the movie. I wish that I wouldn't do that. I wish that I could feel emotion -- cuz it wasn't just sad I was feeling, it was all sorts of things -- without my face leaking. It's so embarrassing!

I thought it was perfect. My mom complained it was too slow, but I thought it was perfect. It felt like . . . it felt like someone's memories. All the little moments were the things that they would remember, looking back on it later. There was no announcement of anything, there was no "this is where they first met" and "this is where she first became intrigued" and "this is how old they are" -- it was all just little moments. Everything that was going on was very clear and unconfusing, but they never slapped you in the face with anything. I guess that speaks volumes for the acting. And the directing -- the silences said more than the dialogue did.

I also loved how it ended. It was perfect. The whole last 20 minutes or so made me so happy and so sad all at once. That's unrequited love, I suppose. It's sad, but it's also still Perfect. My main problem with regular romantic comedy bullshit is that the movie ends when the two people get together. And that's not how it ends, that's not how real life ends. Real life and real love requires hard work and luck and a million tiny things. But unrequited love, that can be perfect, because it never happens, it never gets broken. It stays Perfect. At the end I really really didn't want them to kiss, but then they did and they did it good, so I was happy with that. Sophia is a genius.

Bill Murray, too. He's so good quiet. We don't see him like that too often. He was in The Royal Tenenbaums, and of course he was great, but he was also hidden behind that beard. Here, he was skinny, and tired, and a little old. He just looked so quiet and sad and tired. MAN I wish that new Wes Anderson movie would hurry up and come out already.

I want to watch it again already. I think I will, before I send it back. Although I'd settle for having Bill Murray fall for me whilst in Tokyo. Der Sigh.

Also, I liked that Bill sang "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding."
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