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Bruce, my boss, just came into my office with an email he had received. It was in some crazy language. I looked at it and said "oh no, it's in Dutch!" and he asked me how I knew, and I pointed to the .nl in the address, and all the double-vowels that those wacky Dutch like to use. We like to stick with vacuum, but those mufuckers go crazy with that shit.

Altavista doesn't have Dutch-to-English, so I googled and found this and here it is:

Deze bevestiging geeft aan dat het bericht is weergegeven op het scherm van de ontvanger om 12-2-2004 =

This affirmative indicates that it bulletin has been reflected on the baffle of the recipient for 12-2-2004

Ha ha, it's just a receipt thing, but man, those crazy Dutch. Baffle. Man, will bot-translated shit ever stop being funny? I don't think so.
Tags: dutch, inane

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