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o Norman, how I miss ye

Did anybody watch the Real World last night?

That girl Robin really needs to stop drinking. She's just a regular, normal, slightly-irritating girl during the day, but when she drinks she turns violent and downright mean. I realize that things are being edited to produce certain "characters", but still man -- I truly hope that after watching herself this whole season, she quits drinking. Or at least quits getting drunk.

She is ALWAYS doing stuff that she regrets the next morning, and has to take back. My God, some of the things she was saying last night to Cameron -- I don't care for Cameron so much, but jeez, she's just young, and the stuff that Robin was saying was so. Mean. It was heartbreaking to listen to. That whole house (except for Jacquiese, or however he spells it, he's my favorite) drinks way too much. They are constantly using that as an excuse for their ridiculous, assholic behavior.

I'm lucky. I'm not a mean drunk, or a violent drunk. I'm just a sleepy drunk. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The Real World used to be about putting seven people together who were TOTALLY different and watching them fight. Oh and also about kicking one roommate out in the first month.

Ever since Hawaii (not that I've watched every season, but I'm guessing), it's been about putting a bunch of partiers together, and watching them get drunk and have sex with each other. Where are the virgins? Where are the Christians? For God's sake, man, where are the gays??


May. 5th, 2004 11:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, there used to be a Token Gay Person (or bi, but then they tended to have a preference for same-sex partners), who would offend and confuse the Token Conservative Christian and the Token Angry Black Man, who had never met a gay person before, Token or otherwise.

Somewhere along the line they must have decided that that would be one less potential sex partner for the other roommates.

Hey, wanna hear my theory about how there should be a lot more bisexual characters in soap operas? Here it is: there totally should be! Can you IMAGINE the love polygons??

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