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I think I like Radiohead covers

Man, there is currently some grizzled old man-sounding man with an acoustic guitar covering "Aircrash" on Bonnaroo Radio, and I don't know who the heck this guy is, but I am totally digging it. I've decided that I really like Radiohead covers. Like when The Flaming Lips covered "Knives Out" on the EP I bought at last year's Bonnaroo. I think it's because -- in my head, I don't really hear the individual instruments in Radiohead anymore, they're just a bunch of noises which come together to create -- um, I dunno, excellence. Awesomeness. But then I listen to a cover and I'm like "oh wow, there are guitars in there!" I don't know, whatever.

I can't believe we'll be leaving for Bonnaroo in ONE WEEK. I haven't done jack shit to prepare. I guess I have to do that this weekend. I mean I've done this before and all, I guess, but I'm totally going to forget something. Also I need another skirt or two, shorts are for losers! No but seriously, all I could think about last year was that my shorts just had too much material, too many places to touch my legs, and touching=HOT. I want things to touch me as little as possible.

I hope that Brood X will not be there.

I didn't do much work on Thursday and Friday so I am trying to do a lot of work yesterday and today! Before Bruce gets back! Yesterday I even took work home with me, though I didn't get started on it until after 1am.

So I will not compose one of my long-ass rambling posts, I'll end it here. Hope everyone's enjoying their hump day.

P.S. I didn't even talk about Star Trek! You're welcome.

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