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Phone Post:

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“Hello, this is Kerry, and I'm at the Philadelphia Airport! Uh, I have an hour to kill, so I went to the bar? And I sat down, and I thought, hey, this is okay, I'll get a drink, sit at a table by the window, watch the airplanes come in. Then I look up and notice that _Voyager_ is on the TV, with subtitles! And I think, "this is great, I can sit back, watch a little Star Trek til my flight boards, come on over, head to Cincinnati, hang out at the I'm sure *gorgeous* Cincinnati Airport for four hours..." So as I'm sitting at the bar, WAITING for the stupid bartender to notice me, dude at the bar is like, "hey, can you turn on ABC? I wanna watch the U.S. Open!" And I'm thinking, "they're gonna change fucking Voyager. They're gonna change fucking Voyager!" And they change fucking Voyager.

So, now I have no Voyager to watch, I have the U.S. Open or CNN talking about beheadings and whatnot. And the bartender never fucking notices me, the whore, soooo I leave and get a Pepsi from Delilah's, (there's a Delilah's at the Philadelphia Airport! Not the strip club, the soul food joint,) and, um, that's it. So I'm just gonna wait. By myself. With no Voyager.


Okay so I'm headed to Germany, so that'll be great, and I will catch you suckers later! Good night.”

Transcribed by: littlewashu

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