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sean and i are back at his room in dessau, germany. we explored kassel today, and climbed a mountain. our legs are killing us.

it's only quarter after midnight (00:15), but i'm pretty exhausted. i have no doubt that i'll be asleep pretty easily tonight.

i'm not sure what we're doing tomorrow; i think nothing. that is fine with me. i'm very interested in just seeing what he does, every day, here im Deutschland.

everyone speaks english in amsterdam! in germany you have to speak german. the nerve!

i am so excited to take a shower. i mean i've taken one since i left, of course, but this one will be relaxed and whatnot. sean's bathroom is large. gross (pretend that ss is an -- oh jeez, i don' teven know how to spell ess set. nevermind.) It's big.

okay! so i guess that's it or something. my vacation is awesome so far, and it's only tuesday! and i've been doing a lot of traveling. a lot of bahn riding. a lot of backpack carrying. a little beer drinking.

sean rolls his own cigarettes! haha.

and i'm running out of cloves, i smoked ten million in amsterdam. oh well! i will survive.

bye guys! talk to you later.

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