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July Fourth weekend

Hi! I had a great weekend.

[I like the commercials for the All-Star Game, because they are Blues Brothers-y. And I can get behind something like that.]

Speaking of baseball, I spent Friday night watching the Phillies game. And then falling asleep in front of the Phillies game. Man, Phillies! Way to go play until forever. I cannot make it for very long on weeknights, and Fridays are no exception if I don't get a nap in.

On Saturday Mitchell and I watched Star Trek V: The One Where Spock's Mysteriously-Appearing Half-Brother Goes Looking For God (a.k.a. Star Trek V: The One Shatner Directed a.k.a. Star Trek V: The One Nobody Likes And I Really Do Mean Nobody). I don't know, it wasn't THAT bad. I mean it wasn't very good, but whatever, it's not like Star Trek isn't really fucking cheesy a lot of the time, this just had a whole lot of it. The writing sucked. Man, I was half-hoping that everyone was going to emote like Kirk, now THAT would have been an interesting movie.

Then I went to Lynn & Ralph's for a holiday barbeque. There were a lot of grownups there! Jeff and Chris and Dave and I played Lawn Bocce, and I was on Jeff's team, and I was sort of pretty awful.

Dinner was delicious. Dinner is always delicious when there is a Hunt involved. I had a hamburger and a hot dog and beans and I really wanted some chicken, too, but I couldn't fit any more food in my person.

Ralph and his neighbor had bought a lot of illegal fireworks, so there was a show out over the river. This guy Mike would put some stuff in a rowboat ("dinghy") and wade out twenty or thirty feet from shore, and then light those puppies. Man, there were some nice, big, professional-looking fireworks in there. And so MANY of them! Definitely the best amateur fireworks display I've seen in quite some time. Chris set everything else on fire. Firecrackers (not the biggest fan, I must admit, they are just LOUD,), bottle rockets, other . . . rockets, M somethings, 80's or 90's I guess, and Emily and I watched him from afar with a Roman candle and he looked like a wizard.

Then we came back to the Manse and I fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday was the pool party at the Manse. Vince and Jeff and Hal and Dave were playing Pool Bocce when I arrove, which isn't as chaotic as you would think. There was barbeque, and a hot tub, and a water slide, and a million billion people, and I smoked approximately eight thousand cloves. No but seriously, it may have been eight. It may have been, like, fourteen. I don't know. But too many! But it gives me something to do.

Also, the smoking circle (smoking smoking, that is) upstairs was tremendous! Holy cow so many people. We had a joint, a bowl, AND a bubbler going around at one time, as I recall.

Then night fell, and there was still the hot tub and the pool and the water slide. As well as fireworks. And ping pong and shuffleboard inside. And more smoking.

A great party! I stayed until 3:30. I did a pretty good job of drinking, in that I didn't get ca-razy drunk and/or nauseous and/or asleep.

On Monday Mitch and I went for a drive. We went to the Moorestown Mall, which for some reason I remember as being a fairly upscale mall, but it's not, it's totally regular and unimpressive. We didn't go into any stores except video game stores. Then we had Boston Market, which, man, Boston Market is pretty good for fast food. I totally fatted myself.

Then we came back to 508 and I watched the boys play wiffle ball. It was really, really hot, and all I was doing was sitting there, so I can't even imagine. Then I came home to my air conditioning and like, I don't know, worked on my website or something dorky like that.

That was my weekend! Boring post! Sorry.

I'm reading Shogun right now. You know this book? It's twelve hundred pages long. My mother LOVES this book. Every few years she pulls it out and reads it, it's pretty tattered by now. My mom has this problem, though, with reading: she can't stop. She doesn't like to start books, because once she does, she doesn't like to do anything else until it's finished. You know, like eating, and sleeping, and whatnot. Whenever she starts Shogun, it means she's not going to get to bed earlier than three or four for the whole week, or however long it takes her to finish it. Well, I saw a coverless copy at Goodwill last month, so I bought it, and made a cover out of a calendar, and I really like it! It's an awfully quick read, and I actually can tell all of the characters apart! I was worried I'd have trouble with that, I'm not good with names and whatnot, but I guess because Japanese is so easy and fun to say out loud (in my head), it's been no trouble at all. I'm breezing right through this bitch. Also it reminds me of my mom, and I'll get to talk to her about it once I'm through.

I think that's it! My wrists hurt. Smell you later.

P.S. Man, so my apartment, right? Is usually very messy. Much messier than your apartment. And for the past few weeks it's been approximately five to six times as messy as it usually is. It's appalling. And I'm supposed to have people over tomorrow night? But I totally do not want to do anything right now. I'm trying to decide if smoking will a) make me single-minded and determined and cleany or b) make me sit on the couch. It could either way, I kid you not. Sometimes pot is so good for someone who is cleaning! And other times not so much.


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Jul. 6th, 2004 07:50 pm (UTC)
Okay, so, what, it's not possible to type in an O with a long symbol over it? As shown on the spine of my book in that picture up there? Why not?
Jul. 6th, 2004 07:59 pm (UTC)
oh, man V...that film was a mess in just about every way. the acting, the crazy numbers in the turboshaft, the worst.special.effects.ever, how all of the cast (except the Big Three) were portrayed as idiots (uhura's ridiculous fan dance, sulu and chekov getting lost, scotty knocking himself unconscious not to mention all of them joining up with sybok..ugh.

i liked some things about it, tho. i liked how the kirk-spock-mccoy relationship was fleshed out really well and for whatever reason i really liked the klingon couple, haha. also, it has my favorite kirk line ever: "excuse me? but what does god need with a starship?"

oh yeah, but that romulan? worst actress in the history of star trek. she made yeoman rand look like an award winning thespian.

it is fun to watch sometime, tho.
Jul. 7th, 2004 07:57 am (UTC)
how all of the cast (except the Big Three) were portrayed as idiots

I completely agree! When Scotty knocked himself out, I fully expected him to get right back up! I was like, "wait, seriously? He's out? That's it?" And yeah, that they all got brainwashed, I kept thinking that I'd be pissed if I were them, the actors I mean. And was I just not paying attention, or did they never actually explain what the hell Sybok was doing, or how he was doing it? Maybe they did and I slept through it or something.

i liked how the kirk-spock-mccoy relationship was fleshed out really well

Me too! Those parts were really good, and I liked them a lot. McCoy was in this movie a lot, which was nice.

the klingon couple

I liked the chick, she was cool, and it was fun to listen to her talk.

And yes, that Kirk line is a lot better than the ol' "double dumbass" line, in my opinion.

Man, that Romulan didn't even LOOK like a Romulan! Hello, curly hair? She reminded me of Tia Carrera.
Jul. 7th, 2004 11:13 am (UTC)
that Kirk line is a lot better than the ol' "double dumbass" line

Jul. 6th, 2004 08:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah I usually like to get a little blazed before I clean the kitchen...that plus throwing some tunes on really helps. Every now and then I just lay on couch and watch cartoons though too...
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