Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Like most of you, I have an email address that I use solely for you know, crap that's sure to get me an annoying email every week. Every time I buy something, pretty much, or put my name on a mailing list, I use this addess, so's not to clutter up my real one. Or my other real one. Or my new real one. Or my work email.

ANYWAY, I apparently am receiving email from both John Kerry AND George W. Bush (as well as his lovely wife Laura). Okay, the NOW I can see, the Planned Parenthood, uh huh, the Democratic Party, natch, that worker's something-or-other group who didn't want the reduction-in-overtime bill, of course. But the president, really? How on earth did that happen? Doesn't he read my LiveJournal? Seriously!

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