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OKay, I must make this quick because I have to get ready to go to a party and I am late in getting ready because I took a nap that was an hour and a half long because I was having the best dream and I kept snoozing! Here it is, the dream I mean!

I should mention I was was looking through The Art of Star Trek before I laid (lay?) down.

Okay! So I was on a starship, I guess it was a Federation starship. I don't remember much of it, but the area of the ship that I was in was laid out exactly like my (real-life) office at work. And there were two Klingons on board, and they were being all rough and Klingon-y, but they looked like TNG Klingons. Right now in my head they looked just like Worf and his son Alexander, but that might be because I'm projecting backwards and think that all Klingons look the same because I'm a damned racist.

So they were on board and they were gruff but the kid grew to like me, so he would seek me out so that he could talk to me about stuff. And I'm not sure what I was doing on the ship, I don't think I was a member of Starfleet, so I guess I was a visiting expert or something. And we were communicating with this other ship that was next to us, it was some first contact bullshit or something, and the other aliens were very nice and they were all, everyone on their ship was female. And we couldn't really speak their language but we had this translating device with a dial on it, and you could turn it and then push it (it looked like a Scattergories timer with a handle) and then these phrases would come out, in the alien language and also in English so you knew what it was saying to them. And I was the best at sort of figuring out how to work this device by trial and error, and the aliens liked me best too, on the ship, I was a liason of sorts, though we never visited each other, we just talked to each other over viewscreens.

And so I don't remember most of the plot, or what the hell was going on. But the captain of my ship was a chick, and she was really nice to me. And there was some sort of near-catastrophe but I saved the day. And then somehow lost my shirt. So I needed a shirt, because I had no shirt on, and I was trying to hide from the Klingon kid because he liked me and was trying to hang out with me and tell me stuff but you know, that's highly immodest. So -- and this happened just like in a TV show or movie -- the captain had a brainstorm, and was like "I know!" and then leaned down to tell me her plan but we don't hear the plan. I mean I, as a character heard it, but I as the audience to my dream did not. So then I'm like "of course!" and am smiley and excited and I get to work with my translator, and I talk over the viewscreen to these chicks and they're confused too at first, but then I get the translator to say what I want and they're like "ahhhh! ah ha!" and all excited and talking to me and are going to help me with my plan.

Well, apparently the plan was that this other alien ship was somehow in charge of manufacturing Starfleet uniforms. So they send over a box via transporter and I open it up and it's a blue uniform and I am absolutely ecstatic. I pull it on and it is so blue and soft, and I'm so happy that it's blue because that means it's Science/Medical, and if I were to serve on the starship Enterprise (not that I've ever thought about that), it would be in the Science Department, because 1) if this is a dream, then I would rather be a scientist than an engineer and 2) I would be more likely to have interactions with Mr. Spock and 3) I look better in blue. So I pull it on and look down abd at first I think "oh no, I bet this isn't a science uniform at all, I bet it's a freaking nurse's uniform like Chapel with the weird big collar" but it isn't! And miraculously, I am also thinner and my boobs are larger and rounder and perky, I look freaking great. And then my mom is there and she's like "there's just one more piece, the bloomers" only she thought I should but them on UNDER my underwear which doesn't make any sense so I tell her so. (I can't remember what I did with my hair). And then along with the uniform came this, like, accessory kit, there's a phaser and a holster and a phaser RIFLE and a tricorder and a communicator and I am SO excited. So I use my viewscreen to show the lady aliens and they are all excited and clap their hands together, and my captain is all excited and happy for me and so is my mom, and then I go over to the Klingon's room and show him and the kid and they smile and are impressed and think I look great.

Then there was some other stuff after that but I don't really remember. Okay! I have to go! And I'm not sorry that I had that dream, even though you are sorry that you read about it.

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