Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

greetings from eire.


i am in an internet cafe with my brother in dublin. the keyboards are funny here. you've heard it all before.

tonight at dinner i had a garlic burger. it came with an entire roasted garlic head. i squished out two cloves onto the burger, which i believe also had garlic in it already. there was some sort of garlic mayonaise jawn on the fries i mean chips, and they were really good too. i was going to make out with cute irish boys today but i guess i can't now.

in the middle of dublin castle there were lots of sand sculptures and all of the boys who made them were really cute and one in particular had red hair and a sort of haircut. he was adorable. and, apparently, a professional sand castle maker.

tomorrow we rent a car and head south. i think that my dad is going to drive, which is relatively terrifying. he does not have the best driving record in the universe, and i can sort of picture him forgetting to drive on the left side of the road. (i can sort of picture ME forgetting that too, but that's neither here or there.) hopefully we will be fine.

i think i'm going to try and kiss the blarney stone. when the time comes.

i guess that's all i can think of. sorry to hear about that hurricane, guys.


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