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Hot Dips

So Jeff and I went to see Garden State last night.  It was good!  Man, Zach Braff's lips sure are funny.  The dialogue was good, and the acting was good (as Jeff said a while ago, it's nice to see that Natalie Portman can indeed act, when she doesn't have Lucas directing her), and I liked that there were so many little moments of just a few seconds where nothing happened, but I was pretty sure I got what he was saying.  Like the shirt with the wallpaper, and the faucet dripping, stuff like that.  And I liked the dude who was an asshole, because he wasn't just an asshole or just a nice guy, he was both.  And the rich guy's house?  I've been there, that's in Upper Saddle River, he was a friend of a friend.  We watched a lot of MST3K.  Haha just kidding, I don't know really, but I have been to a house that looked almost exactly like that.  Man, I gotta say that I sure do like movies about New Jersey.  Is Zach Braff from North Jersey?  I mean he must be, right?  I can't imagine that anyone visits Jersey and is like "holy shit I need to make a movie about this place."

I had a very productive lunch hour.  I dropped something off at the mall to be engraved, and I dropped off some medium-format film to be developed (I have a feeling it will turn out absolutely horribly, but I'm still very excited to see).  And since I was at the camera store, I told the girl that my digital camera was "totally filthy" so I left it and they're going to clean it.  I don't know that the filth was affecting the photos, but it really was totally grimy to look at, the lens and whatnot, and I've had it for a year and a half (and I don't have a camera case, thank the lord for metal cameras), so hopefully this will turn out to be worth it.  We'll see. But in the meantime, it feels very strange not to have my camera on my person. What if something totally fabulous happens right in front of me and I can't take a picture of it?? Oh the horror.

I also made more Kirk icons:

James T. Kirk - fish faceJames T. Kirk - starship captains need coffee, tooJames T. Kirk - seductive
James T. Kirk - frustratedJames T. Kirk - worriedJames T. Kirk - happy
James T. Kirk - strainedJames T. Kirk - at wit's endJames T. Kirk - assessing the situation

That's it, though, I'm done, I swear.

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