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Labor Day Weekend


Man, how about today being Tuesday, huh? Of course I'm glad that the work week is one day shorter, but still man, it's weird that it's not Monday today. I don't feel like doing anything after work, but it's already Tuesday!

Yesterday I was totally sucked in by a TV marathon. Damn you, TV marathons! I slept late and when I woke up and turned on the boob toob, I caught the beginning of an episode of West Wing. I've only watched a few episodes before, but I really used to like SportsNight, which means I'm a sucker for talky dramas i.e. Aaron Sorkin, AND the episode that was on had my ex-boyfriend Chandler Bing in it, and so did the next one after that, so I was hooked. At one point Mitch came over (he claimed he was "in the neighborhood") and so of course as soon as he's there they get all serious and super-dramatic and first daughter kidnapped yadda yadda yadda. I kept saying "the first ones weren't as serious as this, I swear!" He didn't stick around for very long.

So I sat in front of a tv all day, which sounds like a bad thing, but really it's not because a) that's sort of what Monday holidays are for, right, marathons? and b) I actually accomplished a great deal. There's this milk crate, see, that's in the corner of my living room, and I've been tossing various financial documents into it for, as it turns out, the past year or so. And yesterday I went through the whole goddamned thing! And made neat little stacks of paper! As soon as I clear out the junk between me and my filing cabinet, I'm going to file that shiznit! I guess for now I'll just throw it all back into the crate, but you know, this time there are staples and binder clips involved, so it's not at all the same thing at all. Here are some things I found in the crate!

  1. my free massage gift certificate from this past Christmas

  2. my digital voice recorder

  3. the setlist from the TMBG show 2/14/03

  4. a check from my last company that I never cashed, for like $21. I hope it screws up their books!

Here's what I didn't find:

  1. the piece of paper that has the account number, PIN, etc for my savings account

Oh well. I guess I'm going to have to, like, use a real phone and talk to a real person. Darnit.

Part of the reason I woke up so late Monday morning was that I was tired. The other reason was that I was having another dream involving Star Trek. Well, there was one part where I was wandering around Europe, and it was sort of like I was living/acting out an RPG, which is weird, because I don't play tabletop role playing games. That was a big part, but I don't really remember it, so we'll skip it. Then I was watching some Star Trek movie, which was like the lost Original Cast movie. I was trying (in the dream) to figure out whether it came between V and VI or after VI, but I don't think I ever came to a conclusion. It was totally horrible and cheesy, though, and there was a lot of blue in it, and I remember thinking that if I could get ahold of a copy of this film, I could make a mock trailer for it which would be TOTALLY HILARIOUS. And the end would be "and William Shatner as .... James T. Kirk" and then him doing something tremendously ridiculous, like yelling. Man, the only scene I remember was Kirk, who was captured, ripping open his shirt and on his chest was tattooed, in 4-inch tall Gothic/German/whatever those letters are that are really hard to figure out, "I.D.I.C.", in a half-circle, which I'm pretty sure is the most ridiculous and funniest thing ever. My subconcious rules. Okay this is getting boring, so I'll sum up by saying that Selma Blair was in the movie. And that I was hanging out with Spock and Kirk sometimes, so I guess I was in the movie too sometimes, because I don't think I was hanging out with Shatner and Nimoy (Nimoy never looked terribly old). And Selma Blair's character had had this thing with Spock, but he was done with it, but she kept on bugging him about getting back together, and he said something about how he doesn't like to revisit relationships (boviously that would not be logical) but then he looked straight at me and said something about how, recently, he had been thinking that exceptions could be made, and man, that made my insides go pretty much -- I dunno, something. something my insides haven't gone in years. So there was that.

Sunday I had gone up to Milford, New Jersey for my cousin's pig roast. He and his wife have one every year. Good LORD is that pig good. Man. I went up for seconds. And my cousin Marty fell out of a tree a few weeks ago! We got the whole story from Patty. Apparently he climbed a tree in his yard (someone said he had been drinking a little, I don't know) to look for deer, or ratther to "see if he could look for deer" or something stupid (he hunts, but not right then), and then on the way down he grabbed a dead branch and it broke and he fell 25 feet, and landed with the branch in his hand. He was originally headed for the ground head first, but luckily didn't land that way. So Patty wants him to go to the hospital, but he refuses. Then there's this whole bit where his head hurts, and his stomach, and he passes out in the bathroom and chips a tooth, and then passes out again on the way to the bed, and then passes out AGAIN, and Patty has to surreptitiously call the hospital, and when he finds out he starts yelling and tells her to call them back, but then they come and then decide they want to take him via helicopter, but he says no, and then they get there and his spleen is in twelve million pieces ("shattered", apparently they actually said "shattered") and he was in critical condition and lost 1/3 of his blood, just, you know, in his body, just rolling around his insides, and if he had gone to sleep he never would have woken up again. So, you know, high five Patty, nice work saving your stupid stubborn husband's life. And then when he began to get better from the spleen thing, he notices that he probably broke a few ribs, and his hand is a bit wonky, etc. But he's back to work (and he's a contractor, it's not like this guy is in an office), two or three weeks before he's supposed to be. Man, Little Marty, you dummy. He's totally my favorite cousin.

So anyway there was a pig roast, with a pig, and a band, and lots of food (no corn this year, though! Last time there was like a metric ton of corn in a steaming cabinet, that ruled.) And I saw my parents and some other family. Oh, and the ride up to their place was beautiful. It was so mountainy. I want to take that same ride in a few weeks, when the leaves are turning, it will be soooo beautiful. It's pretty amazing, man -- New Jersey is this teeny little state, with alllll these millions of people, and yet it still has all these beautiful places, it has beaches AND mountains AND farms and lakes and rivers and canals. The Delaware River is so pretty up there. It really was a lovely drive, all twisty and turny.

Saturday was the Labor Day party at the Manse. I was really quiet all day, not too sure about that. I've been in Observation Mode a lot recently. And I got to see Kimliss, who was in town for wedding preparations, and that of course is always a pleasure. I don't have many girl friends who are truly mine, but Kim's one of them. She and Michelle and I went to Blue Eye's, which is this new restaurant right near me. I had the filet mignon, it was pretty good. The raspberry sorbet was AWESOME.

Friday night I was working in the kitchen until 10:45, making the marinade for the jerk chicken I took to the Manse the next day. I mistakenly shoved my hands in the stuff to squish it around, and paid for it all night as the juices from the various chiles in the marinade made my hands BURN. I complained a lot. I think the marinade came out all right, though, so it was cool.

I'm tired of writing.

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