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Dinner was good, though!

On Friday, I left work and got into my car, very happy to be leaving work for the long holiday weekend. I was listening to the news (what else is new), and they had a story about that building that collapsed in Israel.

Now, let me backtrack a little and say that on Thursday I had read a Newsweek article about the Israeli/Palistinian fighting, and I hear stuff about it almost every day, and it actually gets me down a little. I don't know enough about it to be able to choose sides, but it really just seems that there's no clear-cut Bad Side in this situation, and it's just such a shitty thing, and it seems so impossible to be able to fix things, and it must be so frustrating to be in the middle of it, and it seems like such an awful place to live, where there's war all the time. It's so hard to imagine what that would be like.

So anyway, I was feeling for these people anyhow, and then in a totally un-war-related incident, a building collapsed on this WEDDING that was happening, and all these hundreds of people got buried. I heard about on the way in, and thought it was just awful. I mean, an engineer caused that to happen (or a lazy contractor), but a Civil Engineer designed that building and that's what I am. And these people have enough drama in their lives already, and then this has to go and happen, and at a wedding, for Chrissakes.

So I knew that this thing had happened, and twenty or so people were killed, at least, they were still searching for more. So on the news the dude starts to introduce the story, and apparently since I had been at work someone had turned in a home video of the thing, and while the reporter was talking, they were playing the audio in the background. Hundreds of people just screaming, and screaming, and screaming, and screaming, and it wouldn't end, and the dude just kept talking over it, and I say to the radio, "stop it, stop it!" because some of these people were dying, for God's sake. Finally they stopped it and went to the the guy live in Israel, but my God! Was that audio really necessary? It actually made me nauseous, and I don't consider myself a squeamish person (except when it comes to bugs). But to hear all those real people screaming . . . it was awful. I'm glad I never saw the footage.

Oh, and my commute home ended up taking an hour and a half, instead of the usual 45 minutes, because of the holiday shore traffic. Or something. What a drive home.

Dinner was good, though!

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