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Take one drink if:
A candidate mentions an ordinary American by name
A candidate mentions Bill Clinton
A candidate mentions John Ashcroft
A candidate mentions John McCain
A candidate mentions Enron
A candidate mentions Halliburton
A candidate mentions a member of his or her family
A candidate gives out his or her campaign Web site URL
A candidate flourishes a printout of a strategy paper or a bill he or she co-sponsored
A candidate looks into the wrong camera during introductions
A candidate speaks Spanish
A candidate refuses to answer a hypothetical question
A candidate evades the question of whether they'd vote for Bush's $87 billion
A candidate uses the phrase "when I'm president"
A candidate promises to "support our troops"

Take two drinks if:
A candidate says a rival is "wrong"
A candidate says he or she is "surprised" by something a rival says
The camera catches an audience member in mid-yawn

Drain your glass if:
You laugh out loud at a candidate's joke

Finish the bottle if:
The candidates get into a fistfight

from here

Take a sip of your beer if:
A candidate mentions "freedom"
You check your watch during Kerry's answer
Kerry talks about help from our allies
Bush snickers inappropriately
Bush says "terror"
A candidate is warned that his time is running low
A candidate says, "Jim, I'm glad you asked that question"
You see Kerry's face visibly sag.
Take a shot if:
They make a reference to an "ordinary American"
You forget the question ten seconds into Bush's dance around it
Kerry says "W stands for Wrong"
Bush talks about the coalition of the willing
They refer to each other by name
Kerry points his finger in clearly rehearsed indignation
Bush says "nuculer"
Bush's eyebrows move as if independent of his face.

Finish the bottle if:
You actually laugh at a candidate's joke
Nader bum-rushes the stage

from here

I also added one of my own, "when someone mentions 9/11." I'm not sure why that one wasn't on either one.

In other news, how about that Enterprise premiere, eh? Eh?

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