Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Hey, I found a neat article on how exit polls work.  If you're interested.

I think that after work I'm going to go home and edit the Halloween pictures whilst watching the results on teevee.  I think I'll smoke some weed, too.  Just to be irreverent.

Tomorrow morning I'm in charge of making a presentation to a zoning board.  (Or maybe it's a planning board, I can't remember).  I've never done it before, and I suppose I should be nervous, but I'm not at all.  Bruce will be there and everything -- he is the P.E. after all -- but I'll be making the initial spiel.

Whatever, who cares.  I just want Bush to lose by a landslide.  I hope he cries himself to sleep tonight, totally floored that the country doesn't love him.  WE DON'T LOVE YOU.

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