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It's all good to the good good

It's interesting how much response rolls in when I rant in an honestly Journal-like manner here. I haven't done it very often, because I figure that's not too cool and/or interesting, but it has happened that I'm upset or just feeling strongly about something, and since this journal thing is here already, I use it. And then all these nice wonderful people write in and tell me how wonderful I am and how I should cheer up and that's SO nice of them. And then the next day I come into work and read it over again and regret writing anything in the first place.

Stuff rarely bothers me for very long. I just need to vent, and get the advice of one or two of my Best Friends, and then I feel fine. I almost feel bad for having these people feel for me, because really, I don't ever want to grow up ever. And everybody knows that, I think. I just was upset about one specific incident in my life, and blew it way out of proportion. Which usually wouldn't make a difference to anybody, because no one would know but me. But now I have witnesses to it, many of them, many of them whom I've never met, and it's an odd thing. I can't imagine what it would be like to use this as a REAL journal. I think it would be interesting to let my heart bleed all over the internet and see what strangers had to say about that. I don't think it would be very interesting to said strangers, but . . .

But I wouldn't bother ever doing that. Like I said, I have a fantastic enough support system in my real life that it unnecessitates the presence of an online one. Which isn't to say that I'm ungrateful for everyone else's kind words: thanks, folks. Maybe in the future I should turn off comment posting on those entries; I don't want people to have concern for me unnecessarily, if I'm just going to feel fine the next day.

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