Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I'm at work.  I'll be leaving soon, the car is warming up.

It's so quiet out there.  Normally the road outside is a busy one, but it's near empty right now, and the snow makes everything so quiet.  I used a scientific method of sticking my finger in the snow, and then coming inside and measuring my finger, and according to my calculations, there are two inches on the ground out there.

Ryo Ohki (that's what I named my Scion -- it's the name of the spaceship that Washu built) handles the snow about as well as I thought she would.  I'm not sure if it's psychological or what, but I feel as though my car is tall and light, and it just swishes around.  The Mazda felt more secure, but perhaps that's just because I sat closer to the ground, and it felt heavier?  I'll be all right.

I sure do love the snow.  It's gaw-jiss.

Looking forward to the party tonight.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  I'm going to drive home very very slowly now.

OH and PS, I saw Michelle and Teege's place last night, and it is the hot shit!  It makes me want to move in right next door.  It seriously is totally awesome.

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