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Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day!

This morning I had a dream that something was coming, some awful and dangerous natural disaster, like a hurricane or tornado.  I went to/was already at 508, but when I went inside the house it was FILLED with people, like 100 people, and I thought, why are you guys here?  Most of them weren't even people I knew, they were people from like . . town.  Which makes sense in a movie context, but not a real-life context where Mitch and Neil et al are not terribly involved in their small-town community.

There was a small grove of trees out back and even though there were a hundred people there, only I (and later Culann and his brother Chad) were helping Mitch to prepare it.  I thought that we should figure out a way to cut the trees down at breast-height (they were only about 6"-8" in diameter), but he kept painting them a tan, almost flesh color (oops, I'm a racist).  Light tannish pink.  And I wasn't sure what help that would be in a storm, to have your trees be painted, but he was very grumpy about how no one else was helping so I didn't say anything.

I'm not going to be able to go to WingBowl.  It is going to be the biggest and best pep rally ever!  But there is too much to do at work.  Maaaan.

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    Today is Thursday. Settlement on the sale of our house is Tuesday. I took the dog for a walk today, and I started to get a little emotional.

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