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And so!  Here are Ten Pictures From My Neighborhood.

If you're heading to my house, and you've taken county route 534 (behind you it's Blackwood-Clementon Road, right here it's Church Street), and you're sitting in the queue at the light with the Black Horse Pike, you're sitting next to a modest church graveyard, and in said graveyard is a mausoleum with the name "Sleeter", only I always read it as "Skeeter."  Always.  Skeeter.

If you continue on Church Street, you'll pass this silly-looking trolley or train car or whathave you, just chillin' on the side of the road.  I walked to it one time to check it out, and apparently Blackwood Lake (wait for it!) used to be a bustling tourist destination in the somethings.  The forties?  Who knows.  And there used to be a rail line to the lake, and this was where it was.  I'm not sure if that's a genuine car from back then or what.  Probably not though, right?

This is Blackwood Lake.  One drives over it to get to my house (this photo was taken from the bridge).  In the early mornings sometimes, it is so still it looks like glass.  Cliche but true.

Granted it'll be a lot prettier in three weeks when the trees are leafy, but that does NOT look big enough to be a tourist spot, no matter what the decade.  Right?

Part of my apartment complex backs up onto the lake.  The lake was a big part of why I decided to live where I do.  I don't do anything in the lake, I don't fish in it or boat on it or anything, but I drive past it nearly every day, and that is enough to make me happy.

Oh, and if memory serves, there used to be a sign there, in the middle, until shortly after 9/11.  And now it's a patriotic lake. 

People fish from the shore in the summer.

This is Mount Fuzzy!  It is located across the street from the lake (the lake is to the left).  It is an excellent sledding hill.  I mean, I never have, but it gets hella crowded in the winter.

It's not really called Mt. Fuzzy, we just call it that.  If you can tell me from where the name "Mt. Fuzzy" came, you will win a prize.  No forget it, I'm too tired to come up with a prize, you'll just get a handshake.

The last street on the right before my apartment complex (you can see it in the back there, the large white columns on the left) is Cape Cod Drive.  I find this comforting, because when I was little my family took a vacation on Cape Cod nearly every summer, and I feel very comfortable and at home there.

This is not a scary picture!  Six months ago it would have been a VERY scary picture, though, because my apartment complex always used to have nasty treadles at the exit and entrance.  I hated them.  They made me nervous, and I always felt bad for the poor visitors who didn't notice (or didn't heed) the DO NOT ENTER signs, and ended up with four ruined tires.  While I do think that people should use exits and entrances properly, it's a punishment that didn't really seem to fit the crime.  (Also, the entrance has an island in the middle, which might lead you to think it was a two-way jawn.)  The treadle-holders have been empty for some time now, so I guess that means they will not be replaced!  Yay.

This is a map!  Those athletic fields are township-owned, and they're all rundown and neglected.  I almost never see anyone playing around on them.

When you're leaving my place, and you head left (towards work), you'll see the Nik Nak!  Nik Nak is no Wawa, of course, but it is closer, and more helpful for when I've forgotten to get something at the grocery store.  Also they have a wide selection of gross energy drinks, but only Mitch cares about that.

I see these guys every day on my way to (and from, if it's not dark) work.  I grew up in North Jersey, and we didn't have horses milling about our suburbs, so I still think it's pretty awesome that I live across the street from real, live horses.

This is the stormwater retention basin of the age-restricted housing development down the street.  I watched this development go from a farm field to the Edward Scissorhandsesque weirdness that is now -- I pass it every day on my way to work.  My old company designed the site, but they did so before I worked there, so I wasn't involved with it or anything.

As a civil engineer, I found it interesting to watch the construction.  (I also found it interesting that they got to design a wet pond, because I STILL have not done so -- there is usually one thing or another preventing it.)  The other night after our date, Michelle and I drove around this development, and sat at the end of a cul-de-sac, looking at the other basin, discussing freeboard and water surface elevations and emergency spillway design.  It was awesome.

Here are ScareCrow's Ten Pictures. Also, people are shouting out their respective photo essays in the comments, so that we can all check them out. Check them out!

Okay, I think that's it!  I have to go do work now.

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