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[It's abescott's birthday today.  Happy birthday, abescott.]

Two nights ago I dreamed that I was walking through a restaurant, and someone called me over to sit at their table.  There were about eight men there, and I can't remember them all, but they were . . . older comedians (or comedic actors, I should say) like Eugene Levy.  And perhaps John Candy.  And David Ogden Stiers (?).

Last night I dreamed that I was inside of a video for Elvis Costello's "At the Other End of the Telescope" and it involved some sort of villain, some badguy, who looked into a long telescope and then was sucked in, and deposited very far away, where the telescope was looking.  I thought it kind of cheesy.

I've been watching Gilmore Girls season one and sometimes it's hard to remember when things are happening, as this week was also the first new episode in a while.  But in first season land, Lorelai's hair is a little frizzy, Rory is so young, Paris is the same, Luke has little personality, and Kirk finally got a name!  He had been popping up in every episode in a different profession, but Miss Patti finally referred to him as "Kirk the Jerk".  In the most recent (new) episode Paris asked of him "how old is he?" and Rory replied "we'd have to cut him open and count the rings to find out" and that was pretty much the most perfect of all possible replies, because, seriously.  He could be nineteen, and he could be thirty-four.  Easily.  (If he has a real age and you know it, please don't tell me, I'd like to live in ignorant bliss for as long as possible.)

There are four (4) things I would like to do on Saturday:

I'd say "what up with that" but I have stuff to do lots of other Saturdays, too, so, you know.  I'm popular.  And have many varied interests.

I get to go home now!  Hello weekend!

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